Summer 2015


Philosophy, History, and Sociology will return in fall 2015. Writing tutors may be able to help with study skills and reading and writing strategies. 

Newtown Campus: Please stop in, call 215-968-8044, click on the Schedule Appointment link (above), or click on the Appointment Request link (above) to schedule or request an appointment.

Will return fall 2015  

 All Courses


All Courses


 All Courses

 What We Can Do

  • help you utilize your text and class notes
  • help you understand class concepts
  • help you learn how to prepare for a test
  • help you focus on and interrelate various concepts in your course

What We Can't Do

  • be of much help if you come to the Center the day the assignment is due or the day of the test
  • do your homework for you
  • be of any assistance with a take-home test
  • take the place of going to class
  • guarantee that you will get a good grade
  • tutor for placement or standardized tests

Please note:  Students are permitted to meet with the history, philosophy, and sociology tutor for one appointment per day.