Computer Science

Summer 2015


Newtown Campus: Please stop by the Center (L210), call 215-968-8044, or click on the Appointment Request link above to make an appointment. Please stop in or call with any questions. 

*Not Available until Thursday, 7/16/15.

CISC Courses Tutored



2:00PM - 6:30PM

CISC 100, 110, 113, 115, 122



 2:00PM - 6:30PM

CISC 100, 110, 113, 115, 122


Additional Tutoring available by request for CISC Courses 113, 114, 128, 143, and most OADM courses.

Call 215-968-8044 to schedule an appointment

For morning appointments by request - call by 5:00pm the evening before.

For afternoon appointments by request - call by 10:00am the morning of.


Students are permitted to meet with a Computer Science Tutor for one thirty minute appointment per day. Please call the Center at 215-968-8044 with any questions.

What We Can Do

  • help you understand concepts addressed in your computer course
  • help you find resources to further practice your computer skills
  • help you understand your assignment
  • help you become comfortable with computer operating systems, utilities, and applications

What We Can't Do

  • be of much help if you come to the Center the day of your test
  • do your homework for you
  • be of any assistance with a take-home test
  • take the place of going to class
  • tutor for placement or standardized tests

Other Computer Information

  • Computer Links

For face-to-face technology assistance (for non-CISC classes) or online or print tutorials, please visit the Technology Learning Center on the third floor of the Newtown Campus Library. See link for phone numbers and locations at UBC and LBC.