American English as a Second Language

Summer 2015


 Newtown Campus: Please stop in L210, call 215-968-8044, or click on the Appointment Request link above to schedule an appointment. Please call or stop in with any questions.












12:00pm - 2:00pm



AESL Conversation Group: Please stop in to L210, call 215-968-8044, to sign up, or click on the Appointment Request link above to schedule an appointment. Please stop in or call with any questions. AESL Conversation Groups will resume in the Fall 2015 semester.


Tuesday will return in fall 2015


Please note: If an AESL Tutor is not available, please make an appointment with a Writing Tutor for writing, reading, study skills, and AESL assistance. Students are permitted to meet with an AESL or Writing Tutor for one appointment per day. Students may attend the Workshops or Conversation Groups in addition to their tutoring appointment. Please stop in the Center or call 215-968-8044 with any questions or for additional information.

The AESL Tutor in the Tutoring Center Can Help With:

  • AESL 092, 101, 103, 105
  • Reading 090, 101, 110, 115
  • Comp 090 and Comp 107
  • Comp 110 and 111
  • Any class involving writing, reading, or study skills

What We Can Do

  • provide help for those students whose second language is English
  • help you with punctuation, grammar, idioms, vocabulary, verb tenses, sentence structure
  • help you to learn how to proofread your papers
  • help you to understand an assignment you've been given
  • help you to improve a rough draft you are working on
  • help you to revise or rewrite a paragraph or essay according to your instructor's suggestions
  • help you with reading comprehension
  • help you with vocabulary and pronunciation
  • help you with listening skills
  • help you use the available computer software for pronunciation, reading and listening comprehension, cultural norms, grammar skills, and vocabulary

What We Can't Do

  • proofread for you
  • be of much help if you come to the Center the day your assignment is due
  • guarantee that you will get good grades
  • tutor for placement or standardized tests, such as the TOEFL