Fall 2016

Newtown, Lower Bucks, Upper Bucks, and Virtual Campuses

During summer sessions, face-to-face accounting tutoring is by appointment.  For the fall and spring semesters, drop in for help - no appointment necessary for face-to-face tutoring. Please note, however, that each face-to-face session will last a maximum of 30 minutes. Online appointments will last 50 minutes.  Please click on the links below to search tutor drop-in schedules for your particular course or to request a face-to-face or online appointment.  You can also stop into the Tutoring Center at L210 or call 215-968-8044 to request the schedule, request an online appointment, or for additional information.

For the weeks of the 10/10 through 10/21, there will be no tutoring at Lower Bucks County Campus and limited tutoring at the Newtown Campus. There is additional availability for online tutoring. Please contact the Newtown Tutoring Center for more information.

Please note: The semester schedule is subject to change. Click on Schedule Appointment and sign into TutorTrac™ for the most up-to-date schedule. 

What We Can Do

  • help you utilize your accounting text, class notes, and homework assignments
  • help you learn how to read, interpret, and set up a problem using accounting equations
  • help you get started on a homework assignment
  • help you understand a particular accounting concept
  • help you solve a difficult homework problem
  • help you lean how to prepare for an accounting test
  • help you focus on and interrelate the various topics covered in your course
  • help you devise a strategy for taking an accounting test

What We Can't Do

  • be of much help if you come to the Center the day of your test
  • do your homework for you
  • be of any assistance with a take-home test
  • take the place of going to class
  • guarantee that you will get a good grade
  • tutor for placement or standardized tests