Science/Economics/Nursing Tutoring Tips

Tutoring Tips: Helpful Strategies to Make the Most of your Science, Economics, Computer Science, or Nursing Sessions 

The Center’s Mission

The Academic Success Center is committed to helping students develop the skills and confidence needed to succeed in their coursework and in their academic, professional, and personal pursuits.

Tips for Success

  1. Schedule your appointments early. This will allow more time for you receive the tutelage you require at a time when your questions are most pertinent. Be sure to have your student I.D. ready. You will need it to sign in and sign out of the Academic Success Center. Please bring a photo I.D. if you’d like to check out a laptop.
  2. Consider your goal for the session and come prepared with specific questions and all the necessary materials, especially your textbook and class notes. Underline any key words that you do not understand. Mark specific steps in practice problems that confuse you.
  3. Read the sections in the book, and review notes from class. Bring assignment sheets to show the tutor.
  4. The tutor will actively engage you in the session by asking you questions about your material, so please be prepared for a collaborative session.
  5. Bring homework you have attempted to do.  Attempt several problems and keep any work you have done. Mark down where the problems begin to confuse you. This work is required to aid tutors in identifying areas of difficulty.  Online students should print out the problems they have attempted and bring the work with them or take out a laptop in the Center.
  6. Attend classes and bring class notes to share with the tutor.  If a class is missed, get notes from a fellow student in the class or take notes during your own reading of the text.  Please note that tutoring does not replace attending class, and tutors are not permitted to teach or present new material.
  7. Share with your tutor any preferred way of learning (i.e. visual, auditory, etc.) that you may have.
  8. Be conscious of the Academic Success Center’s limitations.  Tutors are not authorized to be of any assistance on take-home tests, assignments, graded labs, or any other graded work.  Tutors can explain any similar problems that you locate in the textbook.  Please do not ask the tutor to participate in any activity that may be deemed academically dishonest.
  9. Feel free to remain in the Academic Success Center after your appointment to do your homework and/or utilize any of our resources. Please make sure, however, that you sign out immediately after your session to ensure that the center’s records remain accurate.

Good luck with your courses!