Appointment Policies

Appointments may be scheduled up to two weeks in advance.  You are permitted to schedule one appointment per day per Visit Reason for all subjects, except for Chemistry, Biology, Writing, Reading, and Study Skills. If you would like a second appointment for the same class or a different class, please call the Newtown Academic Success Center at 215-968-8044 or submit the Appointment Request Form to schedule. Second appointments will be scheduled based upon availability.  Please note:  If you would like to schedule a second appointment for the same class, the appointment start time must be one hour after the first appointment’s end time. For example, if your first appointment is from 10:00am-10:30am, a second appointment can be schedule for 11:30am-12:00pm.     

Please note that the Writing Tutors can tutor reading, literature, study skills, and AESL (American English as a Second Language) for any BCCC course (i.e., Business Management), and you may choose any of these Subjects (Courses) when searching the Writing, Reading, Study Skills Visit Reason.

The AESL Specialists can tutor AESL students in writing, reading, and study skills for any BCCC course, (i.e., Business Management). Please choose AESL for the Visit Reason if you would like to meet with an AESL Specialist.  

You may schedule only one appointment per day with an AESL tutor, but you may schedule a second Writing, Reading, Study Skills appointment by calling the Newtown Center or submitting the Appointment Request Form.

To schedule a permanent appointment (up to two per week at the Newtown Campus for the semester) with a Writing Tutor, please call Lauren Humphries at 215-968-8378.

**All appointment policies are subject to change.**