Online Writing Sample Questions

Questions for Students to Use for Online Submissions

**Notice that these questions are specific in nature. Questions such as "Does it look okay?" do not provide us with enough information to help you improve your writing. Please submit a specific question or we will be unable to fully help you with the assignment.**


  • Does my opening sentence pull the reader in?
  • Do I properly introduce the primary work and/or characters?
  • Do I include sufficient background information? Too much background information?


  • Is my thesis statement clear and effective?
  • Do my topic sentences support my thesis statement?
  • Does my thesis capture what I discuss throughout my paper?


  • Is my paper properly organized?
  • Are my ideas organized in a cohesive manner?


  • Are my paragraphs well-developed, or do they need more detail?
  • Do the ideas in my paragraphs support my topic sentences?
  • Are the transitions between my paragraphs appropriate?
  • Do the details in my paragraphs support my topic sentences?


  • Do my quotations support my main argument?
  • Do I use too much summary?
  • Should I be more analytical?
  • Is my paper focused? Is my direction clear?
  • Do I need more examples?
  • How can I strengthen my paper?
  • Should I cut any information?
  • Have I supported my statements with evidence?
  • Are my citations correct?


  • Are my verb tenses consistent throughout the paper?
  • I have trouble with comma splices, and I'm not sure if I have any. Can you help me understand and correct them?
  • English is not my first language, so I have some trouble with grammar and word usage. Can you show me where I have made mistakes and help me correct them?
  • Have I put semicolons in the right places?
  • I have difficulty with apostrophes in relationships of possession. Have I correctly used apostrophes?
  • I struggle with commas; did I correctly use a comma before coordinating conjunctions (i.e. and, or, but...)?
  • I know that I struggle with correct adverb usage. Can you help me identify any errors in my paper?

Sentence Structure

  • Are there any fused sentences? How can I fix them?
  • Do I use any sentence fragments? How can I fix them?


  • Have I avoided cliches?
  • Is my word choice clear in the fourth sentence of paragraph two?
  • Have I used professional academic language and tone?
  • Have I avoided passive voice?


  • Does my conclusion effectively sum up my paper and reword my thesis?
  • Do I introduce new material in the conclusion?