Frequently Asked Questions

Please see the answers below to many frequently asked questions and/or view the Center's Orientation Video, which can be access through the following link:  Academic Success Center Orientation Video.


When are you open?
The Newtown Center is open Monday through Thursday, 8:30am-7:00 pm and Friday 8:30am to 3:30pm during the fall and spring semesters.

The Newtown Center is open Monday through Thursday, 10:00am-6:30pm during the summer. Please note that the summer hours are subject to change. 

Call 267.685.4825 for the Lower Bucks hours and 215.258.7721 for the Upper Bucks hours, or click on the specific subject for hours. 

The Virtual Center is open 24/7 and includes many helpful resources and links.  Students can also schedule, cancel, and view appointments online.  Students can also request an appointment online or submit a Tutoring Services request for services not currently offered.  Online tutoring for several subjects, including math and writing, is offered.

Please call the Newtown Center at 215-968-8044 or visit the website for Intersession hours.

Where are you located?
The Newtown Center is located on the main floor of the Library building, room L210. The UBC Center, Perkasie, PA, is located in Room 003 (bottom floor) in the North Building by the Student Commons and across from the Library. The LBC Center, Bristol, PA, is located within the Library.

We also have many resources online, including Online Tutoring for math and writing, as well as handouts and links to helpful websites.

When should I come to the Academic Success Center?
As soon as possible! We ask that you do not wait until the day (or day before) a paper is due or your test is held. 

Academic Success Center

What should I bring with me?
Bring a copy of the assignment or problem(s), your book, any work you have done, and some good questions for the tutor.  

How much does it cost?
The service is available to all currently enrolled (part-time or full-time) Bucks County Community College students at no additional cost.

What courses does the Center offer tutoring for?
The Center offers tutoring for a variety of courses and subjects. See the subjects listed on the left, and click on the links for additional information and hours. (Please note the Writing and AESL Tutors offer writing, reading, study skills, and AESL help for any course.) Additional science help is available in the Science Learning Center is in Founders 231A (Newtown Campus) and is run through the Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics Department (215-968-8305).

Do I have to get tutored at the campus where my course is held?
No. You can get tutored at the Lower Bucks, Upper Bucks, or Newtown Campuses, as well as Online regardless of which campus you go to for class. Please note, however, the hours are different for the Lower Bucks, Upper Bucks, and Virtual Centers; call the numbers listed above (#1) or click on the subjects or Online Tutoring link on the left-hand side to view the hours.

How do I meet with a tutor?
During the Fall and Spring Semesters, for help with math, accounting, physics, engineering, economics, and astronomy simply stop by; no appointment is needed.  For writing, reading, study skills, AESL, foreign languages, music, nursing, computer science, chemistry, biology, history, psychology, sociology, philosophy, and effective speaking stop by the Newtown Center (L210), call 215.968.8044, or submit an Appointment request online to set up your 30 minute one-on-one tutoring session. Students may schedule, cancel, and view their own appointments through our online system.  Please check for UBC, LBC, and Online hours, as well as variations in Intersession and summer schedules. Please see the links on the left-hand side for Online Tutoring information and subject-specific summer hours. 

How often can I meet with a tutor?
If the tutoring works on an appointment basis, you are permitted to make one appointment per day for all tutoring subjects except Chemistry, Biology, Writing, Reading, and Study Skills, which allow two appointments in a day. For example, you are permitted to make one appointment with a Computer Science Tutor, and one appointment with an Nursing Tutor in one day; however, you may not make two appointments with a Computer Science Tutor in one day. For Chemistry, Biology, Writing, Reading, and Study Skills, you are permitted to meet with a tutor for two thirty-minute face-to-face or online appointments per day, as long as there is at least an hour in between sessions. Second appointments will be scheduled based upon availability. Please click on "Subjects Tutored" then "Writing" or "Science/Engineering" on the left for more information. 

If the tutoring works on a drop-in basis, you are permitted to stay during the posted hours and receive tutoring. However, each session with a drop-in tutor will last a maximum of 30 minutes. Please also click on the "Subjects" link on the left-hand side for specific appointment and drop-in policies for each subject.

Please call the Newtown Center at 215-968-8044 and ask to speak with one of the Assistant Directors or the Director if you have any questions or concerns about these policies. 

If I came to the Center for an appointment, can I still come to a Math or Writing Workshop, Conversation Group, or Study Group?
Yes. Even if you had an appointment or came for drop-in tutoring, you are permitted to attend a Workshop, Conversation Group, or Study Group.

Is there telephone tutoring for math and accounting?
Yes. Call 215-968-8307 or 215-504-8617 for assistance. Please note that questions about problems must come from the textbook.

Is there online tutoring?
Yes. We offer online tutoring for math, writing (including reading, study skills, and AESL), effective speaking, physics, chemistry, biology and foreign languages. Please click on the "Online Tutoring" link on the left-hand side for more information about real-time online tutoring and non-real-time online writing tutoring. For the non-real-time online writing tutoring, please completely fill out the form, and attach your paper or assignment. Please call the Newtown Center at 215-968-8044 with questions, for more information, or to schedule a real-time session.

Does the Center offer additional resources?
Yes. In the Centers and on the website are many additional resources, such as handouts on writing, math, etc. and links to helpful websites. In the Centers, you are welcome to check out laptops for tutoring sessions or to complete homework. Please note that at LBC and UBC, students can check out laptops through the Library. CD tutorials and calculators are also available at the Newtown Center. The Centers also house many current textbooks that are available for students to use in the Centers. To check out materials, please make sure you bring a photo I.D. and your student I.D., which can be obtained in the Library. The Center's electronic resources (laptops and calculators) remain inside the Center, while the Library's resources (laptops and calculators) are available for students to take with them around campus.

How do I request a subject or time not currently offered by the Center?
If you would like to request tutoring for a course or day or time the Center does not currently offer, please click on the "Tutoring Services Request" form on the left.

How do I apply to become a tutor?
If you are interested in becoming a tutor, please click on Tutor Application to review the qualifications and to access an application.  You can also stop by or call the Newtown Center (L210) at 215-968-8044 to pick up an application. Student tutors must have a CGPA of 3.2 and have A's (or one B+ and a CGPA of 3.8 for select subjects) in the courses tutored. For non-BCCC students, please submit your resume and unofficial transcript with your application.


Who do I contact if I have a question or concern?
If you have a general tutoring question, please call the Newtown Center's main number at 215-968-8044. If you would like to speak with one of the full-time staff members about any questions or concerns you may have, please click on the "Meet the Staff" link on the left-hand side and feel free to call or e-mail the Director, one of the Assistant Directors, or the Writing or Math Specialists.