Faculty Resources


The Academic Success Center works closely with faculty in order to offer the best support possible to classes across the curriculum. In order to provide such service, the Academic Success Center occasionally needs information from Faculty regarding a particular student's needs or the details of a specific assignment. The forms below are intended to help communicate that information.


Also, the Academic Success Center is able to provide orientations for any class for tutoring or peer mentoring services. This is a great opportunity for your students to learn about our services and how we can support them in their academic endeavors. For more information, or to request an orientation for your class, please see the form below.

For those courses meeting online or outside of the Center's hours, a writing area orientation video is available using the link below. The video is around 3 minutes in length and covers all of the points we address when a class comes into the Center. If you would like to use the video, please email Bernadette Karpa at Bernadette.Karpa@bucks.edu or call the Center (ext 8044), and we will send you the appropriate number of orientation handouts for your class. 

Drop-in Online Tutoring

The Academic Success Center provides drop-in online writing, math, effective speaking, and pscyhology help for students using a web-based, interactive whiteboard called Scribblar. The program allows students to speak or chat with a tutor while using the whiteboard as a space to share materials. Students may access the space through My Bucks, but it is significantly easier for students to find the drop-in tutors if faculty insert a link directly into their Canvas spaces on the left-hand menu. If you are interested in including the link to drop-in online tutoring, please use the form below.

Embedded Tutoring in the Classroom

Embedded tutoring is a service provided by the Academic Success Center where faculty invite a tutor into the classroom during class time to assist with part of the instruction or lesson. The length and frequency of each visit varies, and the specific details are personalized based upon the needs of the course, instructor, and students. To learn more, reach out to Lauren.Humphries@bucks.edu for writing-related needs or to Lane.D’Alessandro@bucks.edu for math and science-related support. To request an embedded tutor, complete the form below, and someone from the Center will be in touch as soon as possible.


Finally, the Academic Success Center has a wide variety of handouts. We are happy to provide copies for your classes upon request. Please see the form below for more information.