About the Tutoring Center


Our Offerings

The Tutoring Center provides academic assistance to Bucks students in twenty four different subject areas for credit courses and select Continuing Education courses offered at the College.  The Center employs approximately 60 tutors each semester, the majority of whom tutor Math or Writing, Reading, Study Skills, and American English as a Second Language.  Our range of tutors, including students, professionals from the community, and faculty, are here to help you, so please feel free to work with different tutors to find the right one or ones for you.   

Ongoing Tutor Training

All tutors receive initial and ongoing training during the semesters in tutoring theory and practice, as well as in College and departmental policies.  In Spring 2012, the Center received College Reading and Learning Association International Tutor Training Program Certification for Level 1 and 2. 


The Newtown Center is located in its brand new space on the main floor of the Library in room 210.  The UBC Center is located across from the Library on the other side of the Commons, and in LBC, the Center is located within the Library.


If you have any questions, please feel free to call our main number at 215-968-8044, or click on our Meet the Staff link on the left to contact one of the full-time staff members.  We hope we can be of assistance to you during your time at Bucks!