Frequently Asked Questions about TLTR

What is a TLTR?

A Teaching and Learning Roundtable is a campus-wide group that seeks to provide a forum where faculty, staff, and students can come together to improve the ways in which information technology and resources can be used to improve teaching, learning, and research. The TLT Group, which is affiliated with the American Association for Higher Education, provides the basic guidelines for initiating and maintaining a TLTR; however, each individual TLTR reflects the culture of its own institution.

Who participates in a TLTR?

Ideally, each TLTR consists of representation from key areas of the institution: Faculty (those who use information technology in their teaching as well as those who have not yet begun to do so); service and support offices; the chief academic officer; and students.

What are some essential qualities/elements of a TLTR?

  • Has long-term institutional commitment
  • Includes key stakeholder
  • Is connected to national and regional TLTRs
  • Focuses on teaching and learning
  • Is not a policy- or decision-making body
  • Has cross-institutional representation
  • Showcases successful teaching practices
  • Demonstrates the power of working as a team

How is a TLTR different from other groups on campus?

A TLTR includes representation from all areas of the institution, focuses on teaching and learning, and facilitates better planning, decision making, and support in the use of information technology for faculty and students.