Teaching & Learning with Technology Roundtable

The Teaching & Learning with Technology Roundtable (TLTR) at Bucks County Community College is modeled on the principles of the TLT Group. The TLT Group is a nonprofit corporation devoted to advancing teaching and learning through technology.

Contact the current co-chairs: William Hemmig (ext. 8611) or Jacqueline Burger (ext. 8056)

Mission Statement

Adopted February 9, 2001

The TLTR provides a forum for ongoing dialogue to meet the challenge of improving teaching and learning with technology at Bucks County Community College.

  • It provides leadership in assessing and responding to new developments in technology that influence teaching and learning.
  • It advises the BCCC community on integrating new approaches to teaching and learning.
  • It assesses how teaching with technology contributes to a learning-centered environment.

A Teaching, Learning, and Technology Roundtable (TLTR) is a uniquely diverse group - representing all those who can and should work together to improve teaching and learning with information technology. Through regular focused meetings, a TLTR can help institutions make better-informed decisions, sustain collaborative change, and develop better strategies for using technology to improve teaching and learning.  Roundtables can reduce the confusion, frustration, unrealistic expectations, and wasteful duplication of effort that often accompanies the explosive array of opportunities offered by educational technology. (-From the TLT Group website)