FAQ for Faculty & Staff

 Technology and the User: Information for Students

What is my username?

As a Bucks student, you will be provided with a username to access the college's online services. Your username is your last name, first initial and if necessary, it will be followed by a random series of numbers. For example, John Smith would be smithj4567. If you do not know your username, you can find it on WebAdvisor by clicking Account Information in the upper right hand corner then What's my User ID? Type in your last name and either social security number or student ID number and click the SUBMIT button.

What is my password?

After retrieving your username, visit the Password Manager to create a password. This password will be used to access campus computers, WebAdvisor, MyBucks and Canvas. Your password will expire every 180 days and the Password Manager will allow you to update your password from off campus. View the PDF tutorial for the Password Manager if you need assistance setting it up.

What online services do I need to access?

There are multiple online services that you may need to log into while at Bucks. As a Bucks student, you will be given access to WebAdvisor as well as campus computers. You will also be provided with a Bucks Live@Edu email account and depending on the courses you take, you may also be given access to Canvas. To access these online services, you will need your username and password. Please note that although your password is the same for all online services, your password will be distinct to each online service.

We provide a list of Bucks student systems needing logins, with detailed descriptions the various systems you may use during your time at Bucks. This link will provide you with information on each system as well as links that will take you to the log in screen for each system.

You can also view detailed login information for Bucks network and computer systems, with further directions on how to log into the various systems you may need to log into during your time at Bucks.

Web Advisor

What is WebAdvisor?

All credit students have access to WebAdvisor, a web-based interface to the college's student information system. It provides students with the ability to look up grades, transcripts, schedules, account balances, make tutition payments and also allows you to search and register for classes. These services are located in the Current Students section on WebAdvisor. You can access Webadvisor in the E-Resources menu on the Bucks website at www.bucks.edu.


How do I access my Bucks Live@Edu account?

Every student currently registered in a credit course receives an email account on Live@Edu powered by Microsoft. The account will remain active (even over the summer) as long as you continue to register for credit classes. Your email address is your username@live.bucks.edu. You can access the your Bucks email account by clicking "MyBucks" in the upper right hand corner on the Bucks homepage.  You will log in with yourusername@securebucks.edu and the password is the same one you use to access other Bucks systems, such as Canvas and college computers.


I'm taking classes online. What is Canvas?

Canvas is web-based software program accessible through Internet browsers.  It functions in many ways like face-to-face classroom do.  Each course has its own private course space to work in where many classroom functions can take place. For instance, instead of handing out papers as instructors normally do in face-to-face classes, instructors can post their course format, syllabus, assignments, etc., to the course space. Students can then access these documents at any time from any place.  There are tools for sending email, working in groups, participating in chat rooms, posting lecture notes, taking quizzes, keeping track of your grades, submitting assignments, and a number of other options as well. Canvas login help is available at the Virtual Campus.

Library Resources

Are there library resources that can be accessed online?

All students have access to the library resources from home. Subscription databases such as EBSCO Host, Lexis-Nexis, and others, that provide access to full-text journal articles--including thousands of scholarly, peer-reviewed resources--are available, not just on campus, but from anywhere a student can access the internet. To access these resources from home, use your username and the password that you use to log into campus computers.

Tutoring Center

Where can I get help with writing and math?

Writing and Math tutors are available in the Tutoring Center. Students can make appointments at the Tutoring Center located in Library 121.

Technology Learning Centers

Where can I get help with my computer skills?

The Technology Learning Centers provide assistance with operating systems, logins and passwords, Internet browsers and the Intranet, online course management tools, WebMail, WebAdvisor, and basic MacIntosh features. The TLC at Newtown is located on the 3rd floor of the library and in the libraries at the Upper County campus and the Bristol Center.