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Information Literacy Resources

Do YOU suffer from Data Smog??

Data Smog, a phrase coined by noted author David Shenk, is produced by too much information coming at you at the speed of the Web from all directions when you need to make an informed decision. This may results in feelings of anxiety from not having ALL the information you need for the assignment you are working on or the reverse - entirely TOO much information. Information Literacy (IL) is the answer to that dilemma. IL allows you to effectively manage the information flow competently. One’s ability to mine all the information needed to successfully “Write to Learn” requires each student be armed with “the set of skills needed to retrieve, analyze and use information” ( The following are some of the materials that will help you succeed:

Online Catalog

A search of the Online Catalog at Bucks will yield a myriad of resources that will assist with the understanding of IL as well as the development of a collaborated effort between faculty and the Library. Here are some recommended terms that can be used to search the Catalog using “words or phrase”:

Assessment Assessment and Literacy
Critical Thinking
Educational Evaluation United States
Information Literacy
Learning, Psychology of

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Bucks Webpage:
There is a link on the Library page that provides information on IL. There are 2 online tutorials that can be used to explain what IL is all about. One tutorial deals with research strategy and the other with independent learning. We included a link to the Association of College and Research Libraries website on IL (

The Internet is a gold mine for locating information on IL. Here is a listing of web resources that will provide information on tutorials and exercises that may be useful for defining IL as well as provide instruction.