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Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

ILL Request Forms

Please use the form below to request Interlibrary loans (materials from other libraries) AND  also to request transfer of Bucks library items to other campuses.


Available in the library or here:


The purpose of providing interlibrary loan services is to support educational research for our college community. We will reciprocate lending with like institutions.


Interlibrary loan services shall be available only to currently enrolled students, faculty, and staff of the college with a valid patron account in good standing.


We adhere to the terms of the Pennsylvania Interlibrary Loan Code. A copy is available online Pennsylvania Interlibrary Loan Code  


Currently enrolled students, faculty, and staff of the college may request up to five ILL requests at a time.

Request forms are available in the library and online.

Patrons will be notified if and when items become available. ILL items will be charged to the patron account. ILL items must be returned on time.


Will ASK for:

  • books and other circulating collections
  • copies of journal articles*
  • videos, CDs, and DVDs, will be considered, however, many libraries likely have limitations on these materials

*With respect to copies from journals, please read the following:

  • There are certain guidelines that must be followed with regard to the copying of journal articles for ILL in order to maintain proper legal use of such items. The American Library Association has developed guidelines where this is concerned, namely the “Rule of Five.”
    • "...with respect to any given periodical, filled requests of a library within any calendar year will not exceed a total of five copies of an article or articles published in such periodical within five years prior to the date of the request."
    • For further guidelines, see the Pennsylvania Interlibrary Loan Code  
  • Bucks Libraries shall maintain these records in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the ALA.