Information Literacy Sessions

Learners in all situations receive and process information in many different ways. Information literacy is the finding of information, the evaluation of information as relevant, appropriate, and credible for the task at hand, and the ethical use of the new information. Ideally, classroom faculty and librarians collaborate to guide learners to these skills and strategies.

Information literacy sessions are available through the libraries at all Bucks campuses and online. If you require any kind of research from your students, please consider scheduling a session with a librarian. Library instruction is always more effective if it is related to a specific assignment and if the classroom instructor is also present.

Information Literacy Session Form

For other uses of the Library Learning Studio:
Faculty Guidelines for Using the Library Learning Studio

What Kind of Instruction Can the Librarians Offer?

Librarians can demonstrate a growing list of online databases that are available to students, staff, and faculty on campus and off. Current and backdated magazine, journal, and newspaper articles can be found in these resources along with electronic reference tools and links by subject to credible, reliable websites. Librarians strive to make each information literacy session relevant to the learning taking place in individual courses.

What Else Can Librarians Demonstrate?

  • The Bucks Library web page
  • How to use the Bucks Library catalog
  • Advice on how to identify search terms and select research sources
  • How to evaluate websites for reliability
  • How to use Interlibrary Loan to obtain books and articles not in the Bucks collection

What if I Teach an Online Class?

You can "embed" a librarian into your elearning class.  If your online course includes a research assignment we can design information literacy instruction for your students.  This can include web tutorials that address specific resources and research strategies, and a dedicated library research discussion topic in the course space that is moderated by the librarian. To use this service, link to the "Information Literacy Elearning Request Form" above.

The mission of the Bucks County Community College library’s Information Literacy program is to collaborate with classroom faculty to teach students how to find, retrieve, evaluate, and use information ethically and efficiently for success in their courses and as lifelong learners.