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Creative Commons

What is Creative Commons?

It is a nonprofit organization that provides six different licenses for original works. These licenses enable a creator to retain ownership of the work while still contributing to a creative, sharing culture. 

License your work

The Creative Commons license options include six different options backed by legal code, the human readable deed, and the machine readable version of the license. The structure of each option is described at

Creative Commons provides a simple, easy to use, license generator tool to assign a license to your work. The licenses provide you the opportunity to determine how others may use your work without asking your permission. 

Use works with a Creative Commons License

Students and faculty using media resources for course related work might violate Copyright law. In the professional world, using Copyright protected materials without permission from the creator is a serious violation. Starting the best practice of incorporating materials licensed for re-use in a project prepares the student for the workplace. The website provides access to music, video, images, code, and other resources licensed by Creative Commons.