Weblogs (Blogs) and Wikis

Excerpted from BEEP (Best Educational E-Practices)


  • Blog.  Entry in the Wikipedia online encyclopedia, that defines weblog or blog as a "Web-based publication consisting primarily of periodic articles." They range in scope from one author (blogger) to a large community of writers. Blog Websites are collectively called the blogosphere.
  • "Blogging: An Introduction."  Article by Bobby Hobgood on the Learn North Carolina Website about the uses of blogs in education as journal, diary, publication or administrative tool, and as a research source.
  • "Campuses Make Way for the Worldwide Wiki." Article by Rich Seeley in Campus Technology, 10/6/05, With the noteworthy quote "Where blogs provoke debate, wikis promote cooperation," the article provides useful information about wikis in the classroom.
  • Intro to Weblogs. Intro to Wikis. Websites maintained by the University of Calgary (Canada) that offer a detailed look at what a blogs and wikis are, and what they can do in the context of higher education. See also Weblogs for Use with ESL Classes,  a paper by Aaron Patric Campbell, Ryujoju University (Japan), in The Internet TESL Journal (4:2), 2/03, on the advantages of classroom blogging.
  • Wiki.  Entry in the Wikipedia online encyclopedia defining a wiki as a Web application that allows users to add and edit content. Also contains more information about the workings of wikis.


  • Blog@Case. Case Western University's (IL) Weblog hosting system for use by the university community. Includes instructions on how to set up and use a blog within the Case framework.
  • BPRIME Wiki. Also known as Best Practices in Mathematical Education, this wiki is a collaborative effort to collect teaching ideas and practices.
  • SCU Launches Student Blogs. Press release by Santa Clara University (CA), 10/11/05, about its interactive student recruitment initiative using Web-based online journals.
  • Teaching, Learning, and Other Uses for Wikis in Academia. Article by Julie Higdon in Campus Technology, 11/16/05, about the challenges of wiki use at the University of Southern California's Center for Scholarly Technology.
  • Weblogs in Higher Education. Blog "devoted to the understanding of...pedagogical and other uses of weblogs and wikis in higher education." Maintained by Ken Smith, Indiana University.
  • Wikipedia. Free, online encyclopedia authored and edited by just about anyone on any subject. See "Wikipedia: Teapot Tempest" by Wade Roush, Technology.com, 12/7/05, about recent misinformation in the Wikipedia that resulted in some restrictions on how information is added.

Beep is a publication of Project Eagle, St. Petersburg College