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What is Podcasting/Vodcasting?

Podcasts deliver audio content for listening and Vodcasts deliver video content for viewing on a computer or player. Delivering educational material this way frees learning from the constraints of a classroom and its clock. It also provides students with another way to learn that may better suit their learning style or their schedules.

The audio (podcast) or visual (vodcast) content is delivered over a network via free subscription. It can be accessed with an iPod (or any other kind of recorder), laptop, or desktop computer (both Macs and PCs).

A podcast’s content can be anything conveyed by an audio or video file: a recorded lecture, a foreign language lesson, a demonstration of biology principles. Instructors can easily create a podcast of daily assignments and lectures from class, and publish it for all of their students. Students can likewise create and publish content and deliver it to their teachers or other students.

Here are a few links to information that will help you understand Podcasting. Further below you will find tutorials on how to create a podcast.

Mics and Sound Recording

Mics: Lavalier (lapel), snowball (multi-dimensional) mics and headsets can be borrowed from Media Services. These provide the best quality audio. However, you could use the mic that came with your computer, or buy an inexpensive headset with a mic. (recommended).

How to Use Microphones This is a tutorial about how to choose a mic and how to use it correctly.

Free Sound Recording Software

Cameras and Video

Cameras: With its hideaway USB connector, the Pure Digital Flip is a lightweight video camera that makes it easy to capture and share low-resolution video via e-mail and the Web. It comes with either 1GB or 512MB of built-in memory (60 or 30 minutes of video), plus software for connecting to video-sharing Web sites YouTube and Grouper. It is also compatible with Macs.

Online Learning has Flip video cameras that you can borrow.

Podcast Tutorials

itunesu This gateway page to Bucks site on iTunes U has step-by-step instructions on how to create podcasts and vodcasts. Also, how to upload those files to BCCC on iTunes U.

Other Tutorials:

Podcasting for Educators

Pod/Vodcasts for Educators