How to Load Files to Bucks iTunes U Site

Authenticated Access vs. Public Access

In order to upload files to BCCC ITunes U site, your access to the site must be authenticated. To view/download files (e.g. students) only public access is needed. Authenticated users can also view and download.

Logging In

For authenticated access to iTunes U:

Most likely, before the login screen loads, you will encounter a website security certificate screen. Click on the option to continue to this website.

Sign in using your Bucks name and password (same as Bucks email). (Fig. 1)

Welcome to iTunes U
Fig. 1

You may receive a pop-up message asking if you would like to display non-secure items say YES.

It usually takes a few moments for the Bucks ITunes U home screen to load. (Fig. 2)

opening screen
Fig. 2

Accessing Your Area

Locate your department/area in the Explore Bucks (see Fig. 2 above) panel on the left side of the page and click on it.

Your department/area screen will look like similar to Fig. 3 below.

  • The exact structure of the page will differ from department to department.
  • All academic departments will have two areas at the bottom of their screen: 1) About 2) Instructors.
  • Other departments/areas will be structured so as to best fit their needs.
  • You may not see the entire structure of a page, because only areas that contain content are displayed e.g. In Figure 3, you can only see About Integration of Knowledge. The Instructors area is not visible because there is no content yet in that portion.

Image of woman looking through light bulb
Fig. 3

Click on your page. As before, this will vary. In Figure 3 above, the example is Resources.

  • Most instructors will have a page that has their name on it.
  • Others may see a department name, e.g. Career Services would be one of the links on the BCCC Info and Services page in the area of Student Services and Support.

You specific area will load. (Fig. 4)

resource screen  
Fig. 4

Notice the tools on the upper right side of the page.

  • Edit Page allows you to edit the tabs located below the picture. Please do not edit the picture.
  • Upload and Manage Files use this to upload your podcasts/vodcasts
  • ITunes U Support- takes you to a website containing Help materials
  • Logout logs you out of BCCC ITunesU, but not out of ITunes completely.

Notice the Tabs underneath the picture.

  • Click on Edit Page in the upper right corner.
  • The Tabs are now editable (Fig. 5) tabs
    Fig. 5
    • Click on the plus sign to add a new tab.
    • Click on the arrow to move a tab (make sure the tab you want to move is highlighted first).
  • Click on the struck through circle to delete a tab (make sure the tab you want to delete is highlighted first).
  • Click on the pencil to change the name of a tab, e.g. use course numbers (VAMM110) for each tab.

Uploading and Managing Files

In the upper right corner, click on Upload and Manage Files. The Upload and Manage Files page appears. (See Fig. 6)

upload manage
Fig. 6


  • Be sure the tab you want to add a file to is highlighted.
  • Click on Add New File.
  • Browse out until you find the file.
    • Files formats required by iTunes U are mp4 (MPEG-4 with H.264 compression), .m4v, or .mov for video files and .mp3 or m4a for audio files. They must be less than 500 megabytes in size.
  • The progress of the upload as it processes is visible.
  • Click on Done when you have finished uploading all the files you want and they have completed processing.
  • You are returned to your screen and the files should appear in the listing area.


  • After you have uploaded files, they will appear above the Add New File link.
  • Select the check box next to the file you wish to manage (move or delete).
  • Drop down the Choose Action menu at the bottom of the file list and select the appropriate action.
  • Follow any on-screen directions.
  • Click on Done when you have finished managing the files.
  • You are returned to your screen and the files should appear in the listing area.

Public Access

Student/public unauthenticated access to the Bucks ITunes U site is: