Smart Boards

What Is a SMART Board?

SMART Exchange offers free learning resources for the interactive whiteboard and Sympodium. SMART Boards and Sympodiums are installed in many classrooms and labs on all three Bucks campuses.

The touch-sensitive display connects to the computer and digital projector to control computer applications directly from the display, write notes in digital ink and save your work to share later. The SMART Board software, SMART Notebook for organizing lessons, and SMART Ideas for mind mapping and visualizing concepts, extends the power of these boards as teaching tools.

Use of an Airliner wireless graphics tablet and mouse allows interaction with the whiteboard and computer from anywhere in the room.

How Do I learn to use a SMART Board or schedule a SB room?

To schedule training on a SMART Board, or to request the use of an Airliner wireless graphics tablet and mouse, or a copy of SMART Notebook software for your computer contact Jackie Fritz in Learning Resources. Work through your departmental contact for room scheduling to request the use of a classroom with a SMART Board.

SMART Board Tutorials

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