Flip Video Camera Tutorials

4 Video Tutorials hosted by NoBloggerLeftBehind http://www.realtown.com/NoBloggerLeftBehind/blog/blog-tips/flip-vide-tutorial

These videos cover:

  • Basics
  • Production
  • Importing
  • When to Use a Flip Camera

A very basic, quick and easy tutorial from LaSalle University: http://www.lasalle.edu/technology/modules/flipvideo/mac/

  • This is a Voiceover PowerPoint that has embedded videos to demonstrate.

From the Center for Instructional Technology at Duke: http://cit.duke.edu/blog/2009/01/16/flippingout/

These videos cover:

  • Basic Editing using FlipShare software that comes with the flip camera
  • Making a Movie with FlipShare
  • Uploading to YouTube
  • How to Embed a YouTube clip in a wiki