Writing to Learn

Why Writing to Learn Is a Priority at Bucks?

Writing to Learn is a set of teaching practices that emphasizes the use of informal, “low stakes” writing activities.

There’s considerable evidence indicating that students who regularly contemplate and articulate key course concepts in their own words – in writing – understand those concepts better and retain them longer. Writing to Learn activities maximize the number of opportunities students have to express these ideas.

Because writing-to-learn activities are informal and often impromptu, they usually aren't marked for correctness. Rather, teachers or classmates read the quick writing assignments for a sense of what students understand or what they are having trouble with.

Bucks Faculty Tell How They Use WTL Techniques in their Classes

Image of Dean Conn Image of Earl Arrowood Image of Chris Bursk
Provost Annette Conn
Earl Arrowood
Culinary Arts
Chris Bursk
1.5-min. video 3-min. video 1-min. video
Image of Coleen Dunn Image of Maureen McCreadie Image of Steve Sullivan
Colleen Dunn Fashion
Maureen McCreadie
Integration of Knowledge
Steve Sullivan
2-min. video 2-min. video 2-min. video
Image of Lisa Angelo Image of Susan Hagen Image of Rik Booraem
Lisa Angelo
Susan Hagen
Rik Booraem
Social Science
3-min. video 3-min. video 1-min. video
Image of John Pepito    
John Petito
Stephen DoCarmo
8-min. video

Ideas on How to Use WTL in the Classroom

WTL Bucks Team