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Course Design, Creating Objectives

Instructional Strategies, Tips, Tricks

  • Creativity Online - Engaging Creativity in Online Courses discusses brain-based learning, creativity definition, theories, myths and virtues, and provides tips for online educators.
  • Instructional Resources - Examples of instructional materials on the web from Learning Peaks. The list covers various disciplines and shows strategies and interactions.
  • Tips and Trick for Teaching Online from the Online Education Department at Dallas Baptist University. This includes tips for designing course content, facilitating and teaching online, developing learning objects, and assessment ideas.
  • Teaching Tips Index from the University of Hawaii is an extensive list of the practical things that will help you in any teaching environment.
  • Online Teaching and Learning Resources from the National Education Association
  • Teaching Tips from the Teaching Resource Center at the University of Virginia. Guides on many topics and also discipline specific advice.
  • Teaching and Learning Links from the Searle Center for Teaching Excellence at Northwestern University.
  • Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learningat Indiana University Northwest.
  • Teaching and Learning Resources from theTeaching and Learning Center at the University of North Carolina Greensboro
  • Embedding video links in your course

Best Practices, 21st C Skills

Rubrics, Learning Activities

  • RubiStar , a site created by 4teachers. It is a free tool to help teachers create quality rubrics. It also has templates by subject.
  • What Do You Want to Use Technology For? An outline of activities and examples of using technologies to accomplish specific learning goals from the University of Maryland.
  • icue: NBC News unveiled the free learning platform, This is a pioneering collaborative learning community informed by MIT research that incorporates gaming, discussion and video resources. Core curriculum is U.S. History, Government and Politics and Language Arts.