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Teaching Questions

I need to create a class format. How do I do that?
See your Asst. Academic Dean.

I would like help with the design of my online course. Who should I ask?
Contact Instructional Designer Mary Ellen Bornak at x8592 or email:

I’d like to use an online coursespace for my face-to-face class. How do I do that?
Request a BlackBoard Vista Course Space on the eLearning web site.

I need to learn something about new software. Where can I do that?
Contact a Technology Learning Center (TLC): Newtown, 215-497-8754; Upper Bucks Campus, 215-258-7721; Lower Bucks Campus, 215-781-3491
Call Marilyn Puchalski and ask about Atomic Learning, x8056. 

I suspect a student of plagiarism. What do I do?
Contact your Asst. Academic Dean for help.  Then follow the guidelines in the Faculty Handbook on the College intranet (MyBucks). 

I want someone to talk to my class about career decision making. Who should I call?
Call the Career Center, x8195.

I receive a notice that I need to administer the CCSSE in my class. What is that?
This is an assessment that is randomly administered every other year across all disciplines.  You will need to follow the directions and administer the survey during class time.  You may call Institutional Research with questions, x8058.

I have an idea for a grant-funded project. How can I submit a proposal?
Call the Grants Coordinator, x8144.

I would like a speaker on gender issues for my class. Is there someone I can call?
Call the Educational Enrichment Programs, x8015.

I receive a packet concerning the Core assessment. What is that?
The Core Assessment is an ongoing project.  The courses to be assessed are chosen by a committee of faculty and Asst. Academic Deans.  The specific sections in which the assessment will be done are chosen randomly by Institutional Research.  You will need to follow the directions in the packet and administer the assessment by the scheduled end date.

I have a question concerning the faculty union. Where can I get information?
Call the Faculty Federation Office at x8254.

I receive paperwork indicating that a student in my class has a disability and will need special accommodation. What should I do?
Call DisAbility Services at x8463 with your questions.

I would like to set up a student orientation for the Tutoring Center. How do I do that?
Call the tutoring center at x8044 or email Director Nicole Tracy at

I would like to refer a student to the Tutoring Center for particular help. How should I do that?
The Tutoring Center has an Instructor Referral Form online at the Tutoring Center web site.

I would like information about the BCCC Faculty Federation. Where can I get that?
Call the Faculty Federation office at x8254 or check the web page:

Handling Student Questions

I have students who seem to be struggling. Does the college have support for that?  
Depending on the type of trouble they are having, you may suggest they go to the Tutoring Center or to the Counseling Center.

A student loses consciousness in my class. What should I do?
Call Security emergency x8395.  Do not call 911!

A student asks me where to go to pay his tuition bill. Where should I send them?
Send the student to Student Accounts located in the HUB, first floor Rollins Center.

A student says she has a lot of work experience directly related to her major and feels that she shouldn’t have to take all the required courses. Who can address that?
Suggest that she call the Prior Learning Assessment Office, x8161. 

A student tells me he is having trouble getting a babysitter for his children during his daytime classes. Can the college help? 
Suggest that he contact the Early Learning Center, x8180.

A student tells me he is planning to transfer to Temple University and asks if there’s anything he needs to do to get ready?
Have him contact the Transfer Center at x8031.

A student is disruptive in class. What should I do?
Contact your Asst. Academic Dean.

I have a student who seems to have a learning disability. What should I do?
Call the Learning DisabilitiesSpecialist at x8465 for help before you speak to the student.

I have a student struggling with the technology in an online course space. Is there someone to help?
Have the student call Online Learning Help at x8052

Administrative Questions

I need copies made for my classes. What should I do?
Ask the administrative support staff in your department office.

A student asks me how to get a transcript. What should I do?
Have the student contact, Li Cleal x8115.

I want to take a continuing education course. Do I have to pay?
Employees may register for non credit classes without charge if the class is not filled.  Contact Continuing Education, x8409.

I’m serving on a committee, and I need to create a survey Do I need to get help?
All surveys need to be reviewed by Institutional Research. Contact Institutional Research, x8058.

I need office supplies. Where do I go?
Ask your department administrative support staff.

I have a question about my paycheck. Who do I ask?
Call Payroll, x8336.

I want to use the College’s Wellness Center. How do I find informaton?
Call the Center at x8486.

Campus Questions

The classroom is too hot or too cold or has some other problems. What should I do?
Report the problem to your Asst. Academic Dean.

I’m teaching an evening class, and the door is locked when I arrive. What should I do?
Contact Evening Services, x 8081 or go to the Evening Services office, Rollins first floor.

I need the phone number of a colleague.Where can I find that?
Use the online directory on the website.

I don’t feel safe walking to my car after dark. Is an escort available?
Call Security at x8394 and request an escort.

My car won’t start and it is late at night.What can I do?
Call Security, x8394.

Technology Questions

I need help with the teaching station computer and the Smart Board in my classroom. Where can I get help?
For help with a problem during class, call X8191. For assistance learning how to use the Smart Board or how to incorporate this technology into your course, call Marilyn Puchalski at 215-968-8056.

I want to borrow a laptop, projector, wireless presenter for my class. What should I do?
Call Media Services at 8147.

I want to borrow a flip video for myself or class, or a webcam or headset. Can I do that?
Those items can be checked out of the library.

I want to use web conferencing. Can I do that?
Schedule the session on calendar in Online Learning. Contact Georglyn Davidson for more information or training at X8251 or

I can’t get into my Bucks email (or Web Advisor, or the intranet). What should I do?
Call the Help Desk, 8191.

I would like help using new technology in my online course. Is there anyone who can help me?

Library Questions

I want to schedule an information literacy session for my class?
Library Information Literacy Sessions are available at all BCCC campuses. The Information Literacy Session Form is available at the Library.

I want to log-on to the library’s electronic databases from home?
Directions for accessing databases from off campus can be found on the Library web site.

I want to place materials on reserve?
Use the Reserve Request Form: PDF file. For further information, please read our Reserve Collection Guidelines, or call the reference desk x8013.

I want to recommend materials be added to the library?
Provide the library the following information: Author, title, ISBN, publisher information, edition or series, your name, and your department.

I want to call someone for library information?

  • Reference desk- 8013
  • Circulation desk- 8009
  • Copyright- 8003 (Linda McCann)
  • Information literacy- 8373 (Margaret Montet)
  • Library collection/ interlibrary loan- 8619 (Marzenna Ostrowski)
  • Technology questions- 8611( Bill Hemmig) or 8554 (Brian Johnstone)