Science Learning Center Services


Founders Room 231 A

What We Can Do

  • help you learn on a low stress, one-to-one basis
  • help you understand your chemistry, physics, or biology text
  • help you learn how to read, interpret, and set up a chemistry problem
  • help you get started on a homework assignment
  • help you understand a concept in chemistry
  • help you solve difficult homework problems
  • answer questions by e-mail (see "on-line tutoring")
  • help you learn how to prepare for a chemistry test
  • help you focus on the most important ideas of your course
  • show you calculation methods for problems with physical quantities
  • show you computer programs that you can use yourself

What We Can't Do 

  • be of much help if you come to the Center the day of your test
  • do your homework for you (but we can give you tips)
  • do your labs for you (but we can give you tips)
  • be of any assistance with a take-home test
  • take the place of going to class
  • guarantee that you will get a good grade