Biotechnology: Cell & Tissue Culture

Certificate Major

Gainful Employment disclosure information is available for this program of study.

Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics Department
Founders 112 • Phone (215) 968-8305
Curriculum Code No. 3186

The strength and continued growth of the Biotechnology industry in the Philadelphia metropolitan area has created a need for technicians with cell culture expertise. Students completing the certificate will be prepared for employment as skilled technicians in biotechnology, biomanufacturing, pharmaceutical, and academic laboratories. Workers currently employed as biotechnology technicians can benefit by enhancing their skill sets.

Graduates of this program are able to

  • perform basic lab procedures common to biotechnology laboratories
  • operate and maintain standard laboratory equipment
  • aseptically culture and maintain cell cultures
  • perform advanced techniques in biomanufacturing

Certificate Course Requirements

Course Credits
Chemistry I
Biotechnology Methods and Techniques
Cell and Tissue Culture
Total Credit Hours 16

Since the academic and employment backgrounds of students vary, all students planning to complete this certificate program must meet with a department representative to devise a sequence of courses to meet their academic need.