Biology Programs of Study

Biology Major (transfer)

The Biology major provides an understanding of fundamental biological concepts. This major is for students planning to earn a baccalaureate degree in biological science or seeking employment as a technician in areas such as ecology, environmental health and sanitation, pollution control, plant science, or animal science... [more]

Secondary Education: Biology (transfer)

The Secondary Education: Biology major is designed for students who plan to teach Biology in a high school setting. The program provides the first two years of an undergraduate degree leading to a baccalaureate degree in Secondary Education with an emphasis in Biology... [more]

Biotechnology (occupational)

A graduate of the program can expect to find entry-level employment as an industrial or academic biotechnology technician... [more]

Biotechnology: Cell and Tissue Culture (certificate)

The strength and continued growth of the Biotechnology industry in the Philadelphia metropolitan area has created a need for technicians with cell culture expertise. Students completing the certificate... [more]

Chemistry Major (transfer)

This major provides a broad but quantitative understanding of matter and the physical and chemical transformations of matter, based on an understanding of chemical, physical, and mathematical principles. The major is for students planning to transfer to baccalaureate majors in chemistry, chemical engineering, and other fields requiring a high emphasis on chemistry such as environmental science, forensic science, and oceanography... [more]

Science Major (transfer)

The Science major is designed for students who wish to major in a branch of science in a four-year institution, but are undecided about the specific discipline during their stay at Bucks. The major will enable students to broaden their experience in mathematics and different areas of science... [more]