Spring 2015 Course Offerings

The Bucks Preservation program provides a solid foundation for students seeking the basic building blocks of preservation theory and practice.

HIST194-EF5 Planning/Sustainability

02/09/2015-05/19/2015 ELearning, Instructor:Hirsch, M

HIST197-E59 Historical Preservation 

1/21/2015-5/19/2015, ELearning, Instructor:Fisher-Olson, P

HIST 199-E59 Methodology and Documentation

1/21/2015-5/19/2015, ELearning, Instructor: Zeoliz, E

HIST203-E59 Internship for Historic Preservation

1/21/2015-5/19/2015, ELearning,Instructor: Fisher-Olsen, P

HIST205-NG6 Restoration Workshop

3/23/2015-5/19/2013, TBA, Instructor:Evans, J

HIST215-NF6 Historic Garden Preseration

2/9/2015-5/19/2015, Tyler Pub, Instructor:Rosenberger, L



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