Historic Preservation Program Curriculum

Historic Preservation classes are open to students of all backgrounds and levels of experience.

Classes are taken for college credit: advance your efforts toward a degree, fulfill your needs for continued learning in your profession, or fuel your desire to make a difference in your community!

The hallmark of the Bucks Preservation is the Certificate in Historic Preservation, awarded upon successful completion of 24 academic credits, including 15 core course credits and 9 elective credits.

Customize a schedule that fits your needs by taking classes online, on campus, or both! Course offerings vary by semester and year.

 Certificate Requirements

Core Courses: (15 credits required) 

 *HIST197 History and Theory of Historic Preservation 3
 *HIST198 History: American Architecture 3
 *HIST199 Methodology and Documentation 3
 *HIST201 Building Conservation 3
 *HIST203 Internship for Historic Preservation A 3

Electives: (9 credits required)

HIST195 Introduction to Historical Archaeology 3
*HIST202 Law, Taxes and Zoning for Historic Preservation 3
 *HIST204 Oral History 3
HIST205 Restoration Workshop I 3
HIST207 H.A.B.S. Workshop 3
*HIST210 Preservation Field Studies 3
*HIST214 Preservation Lab 3
HIST216 Historic Garden Preservation 3
*HIST219 Management of Historic Sites 3
*INDP290 Independent Study: Historic Preservation 3
*VAFW190 History of American Furniture 3

A Course requires prerequisite.

* Online & On Campus

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