TOTAL Lab Open Entry/Exit

What is the TOTAL Lab?

The TOTAL (Technology Office Training Access Learning) Lab is an individualized, self-paced open entry/exit approach to learning software skills.

What are open entry/exit classes?

  • Open entry/exit means registration is on-going through mid semester.
  • No face to face classes to attend
  • No lectures to attend
  • No specific class day or time
  • Open entry/exit courses are self-paced which means that you work through the materials at your own rate within the time frame issued at orientation and may exit the course once the learning objectives have been met
  • Set your own schedule
  • Request exams when ready
  • Work from home or another location.

How do I register?

  • Register in person during normal registration dates and times or on the Web.
  • After the registration, new students must register in person only at the BCCC Office of Admission in Pemberton Hall. Returning students may register via the Web.
  • If you choose a "T" section you have enrolled in an open entry/open access course.

When do I start?

  • If you choose a "T" section, you have enrolled in a TOTAL Lab Open Entry class. The date and time listed indicate the orientation session for this course. From that point on in the semester, you may work on assignments anytime the TOTAL Lab is open. Students with the appropriate software may choose to work from home or another location.

    Note: Attendance at one TOTAL Lab orientation session is required for you to start your course work for all TOTAL Lab courses. If you attend one orientation, it is not necessary to attend other orientation sessions.