Phlebotomy Program

Bucks County Community College's Phlebotomy Certificate program prepares students with entry level competencies as phlebotomists for employment in hospitals, clinics, blood donor centers, and other health care settings. Students will develop skills in performing phlebotomy procedures, specimen collection and processing.

The program is designed to teach the necessary technical skills and help students enhance their critical thinking abilities and interpersonal skills during:

  • theory and laboratory practice at the BCCC's labs on campus with lectures, practice arms, and real arms (students work on each other)
  • An Externship which students spend eight hours a day, five days a week, for five weeks at clinical sites (hospitals or physician's office labs) for real, hands-on experience, as full-time student-trainees, under the supervision of professional Medical Technologists and/or Phlebotomists.
CourseCourse NameCredits
MEDA120 Medical Terminology 3
BIOL115 Basic Human Anatomy 3
MEDA205 Medical Law and Ethics 3
MEDA204 Phlebotomy Procedures and Techniques 3
MEDA287 Phlebotomy Externship 4
Total 16

A full-time student can complete BCCC's Phlebotomy Certificate academic courses in 15 weeks. The Externship may be taken immediately following completion all academic courses and may be completed in 5 weeks' time. BCCC awards a certificate upon successful completion of the program, and graduates of this program are eligible to sit for testing by nationally recognized certifying agencies.