Special Training Programs

Redner's Warehouse Markets "Food for Thought" Program

Employees at Redner's may be eligible to participate in the "Food for Thought" tuition assistance program. For information about this program:

Contact: Sherry McKinney at 215-968-8359 or sherry.mckinney@bucks.edu

Bridget Hughes at 267-685-4884 or bridget.hughes@bucks.edu.

UPS Earn & Learn Program

Bucks County Community College and United Parcel Service (UPS) have implemented an education-based partnership to benefit BCCC students. The "Earn & Learn Program" gives students the opportunity to work part-time at UPS and qualify to receive up to $5,250 per year toward their tuition. All part-time UPS employees are eligible immediately upon hire for up to $25,000* in education assistance.

The benefits of this program allow you to work one of the following excellent shifts: 4 AM, 12 PM, 6PM or 11PM. All shifts run approximately 3.5 to 5 hours in length Monday through Friday. You will also receive full medical benefits upon attaining six months of employment.

Attend classes at a BCCC campus or at the Willow Grove UPS facility. Distance learning is available to all participants. This feature allows busy, motivated adults to individually complete courses without attending on site classes. BCCC works with your busy schedule to make it as convenient as possible to reach your goals.

If you are a current UPS employee who has questions or would like to enroll, please contact Sherry McKinney at 215-968-8359 or sherry.mckinney@bucks.edu

If you are interested in pursuing employment at UPS, please contact the Human Resources Department at 215-830-7943.

Join the many who are already taking advantage of the UPS Earn & Learn program.

MH/DP Program

For MH/DP Employees:  Selected employees of contracted agencies of the Bucks County MH/MD Department are eligible to participate in an approved Associate of Arts program at Bucks County Community College. Approved students are eligible for tuition assistance at Bucks County Community College.

Participants may choose from one of the following majors: Social Services #1130, Psychology Pre-Professional #1060 OR Psychology-Life Skills #1067.

All programs include the following requisites: English Composition I and II and Introduction to Psychology. Each program has specific requirements in Mathematics, Health and Sciences courses.

Social Services Major #1130

The social services major offers a broad base for the understanding of people and their strengths and needs. The focus of the major is on the social services delivery system in the context of contemporary social problems. Students will be exposed to the major theories of psychology, sociology, and social work as well as the ethical guidelines for those who work in these professions. The students will develop skills in the areas of interpersonal communication, interviewing, assessment, and basic interventions.

The general objectives of the Social Services major are to: train students interested in careers in social welfare and prepare students who may wish to continue their studies towards a Bachelor's Degree in social services work. Graduates have obtained jobs in mental health, mental retardation, geriatrics, drug and alcohol, children and youth, corrections, and other social agencies.

Psychology Pre-Professional #1060

The Psychology Pre-Professional major is designed for students who have a serious interest in professional psychology. This major concentrates on the sciences, statistics, and experimental design. The major focus of this major should enable students to:

  • understand the scientific basis for exploring the meanings of human behavior
  • develop the skills necessary that are basic to a career in professional psychology
  • prepare for transfer to programs of professional psychology in other academic institutions.

Though completion of this major does not guarantee acceptance in transfer schools offering baccalaureate majors in psychology, students in this program typically have career goals of therapy, research, administration, or teaching.

Psychology - Life Skills #1067

The Psychology Life-Skills Major is designed for students who plan to concentrate their studies on the humanistic-applied areas of psychology. The major focus of this major should enable students to:

  • better understand and make application of psychological principles to everyday life situations.
  • understand the needs and special concerns of persons and the impact of certain stressors upon human behavior.
  • prepare for transfer to institutions offering majors relative to human relations curriculum and majors.

Though completion of this major does not guarantee acceptance in transfer schools offering baccalaureate majors in psychology, students in this major typically have goals related to providing and/or administering social assistance.

Program details

As a student in this program, you must:

  • Complete an application for Admission to Bucks County Community College.
  • Pay for college fees, including the application fee and books.
  • Obtain the proper signatures from your immediate supervisor and others as required.
  • Register by appointment with the program coordinator.
  • You will be required to take placement tests for Math and English courses.

As a student of Bucks, you will meet with a Social/Behavioral Science Advisor. You may also have already earned college credit through your work and life experience. A meeting can be arranged with the Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)Coordinator on the Newtown campus.

For MH/DP Consumers:  Selected consumers may be approved for funds to continue their education. 

For information about either program, contact Sherry McKinney at 215-968-8359 or sherry.mckinney@bucks.edu.

Water and Wastewater Management DEP Approved Courses

Bucks County Community College offers courses for Water and Wastewater Management operators that are approved by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). For more information, please contact Ed Copper edward.copper@bucks.edu, or 267-685-4887.

Customized Training Courses:

Bucks County Community College can provide in-house courses specifically for your firm or company. We will assist you in every aspect of planning a coordinated series of courses for your staff that will meet their specific needs.

As a partner in your training efforts, Bucks County Community College, Center for Workforce Development will work with you to:

  • Identify your needs.
  • Help you choose a course(s), or design a course(s) tailored to your strategic objectives.
  • Partner with Instructor from a network of nationally recognized instructors and act as a liaison.
  • Provide you with all training materials including manuals, sign-in forms and evaluation forms.
  • Secure a meeting site.
  • Provide an evaluative summary

To discuss your specific training needs, please call Susan Herring at 215-968-8364 or susan.herring@bucks.edu to set up a no-cost no-obligation consultation.