Windows 8 – Basic and Advanced courses


Windows 8 Basic

This course teaches the core functions and features of Windows 8. You will learn how to navigate the Windows 8 interface, use the Charms bar and search tools, install and use apps, and use Internet Explorer 10. Then you will learn to manage power options, browse folders, configure user accounts, and use system security tools. Finally, you will learn to work with tiles and customize PC settings.

Topics covered

Getting started with Windows 8 and Learning about Charms
Managing and installing apps and applications
Using Internet Explorer 10 and Web apps
Windows 8 Desktop tools, user accounts and security features
Personalizing Windows 8 by using tiles and PC settings
Learn keyboard shortcuts

Course Information

Course # WCOSY 0032, Hours: 9, Tuition: $225, Text: Windows 8, Student Manual ISBN # 978-1-4260-3586-9

Windows 8 Advanced

This course teaches the more advanced functions of Windows 8. You will learn how to use the Control Panel, to manage folder and file settings, monitor apps and system performance with Task Manager, and update Windows. Next you will learn to manage devices, printers, and disks. Then you will learn to connect to networks, share resources, and connect to remote systems. Finally, you will learn to recognize common security threats, secure their systems and browser, and to use troubleshooting and restore tools.

Topics covered

Advanced system settings using Control Panel, File and folder management, Task Manager and Windows update
Devices, Printers, and Disk maintenance
Networking basics, Resource sharing and using Remote Desktop
Security threats, Windows Defender, Windows Firewall, Internet Explorer security and privacy
Troubleshooting basics, Remote Assistance and System Restore

Course Information

Course # WCOSY 0033, Hours: 9, Tuition: $225, Text: Windows 8: Advanced Topics, Student Manual
ISBN # 978-1-4260-3589-0

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