Introductory Courses

Introductory course are for:

  • Anyone who is looking to start or change their career
  • IT Professionals who need to update their skills
  • Business professionals looking to re-skill their workforce

These are foundational and fundamental courses required to achieve those goals

Free Computer Workshop (3 hours)

Learn about the basic parts, devices and software that make up your computer. This course is designed for the beginner or new user who wants to learn the essentials of how to use a personal computer. Tuition is free. Course # WCOAP 0004.

Microsoft Windows 10 Training (9 hours)

This course is designed for students who are familiar with computers and who need to use the features and functionality of the Windows 10 operating system for personal and/or professional reasons.

Students will be able to:

- Access Windows 10

- Use Windows apps and desktop applications to complete day-to-day tasks, including installing new apps and multitasking with multiple programs.

- Customize the Windows 10 environment

- Install and remove printers and perpheral devices

- Use Windows 10 security features to create more secure passwords and protect your device against common attacks.

Tuition $195 (plus text) course # WCOSY 0035.

For a one on one discussion about pathways toward certifications, contact us at: 215-968-8132 or

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