Industrial/Mechanical Maintenance Lab

BCCC recognized as a GOLD PARTNER by the Industrial Maintenance Training Center of Pennsylvania (IMTC) for providing skills training toward the Advanced Manufacturing Integrated Systems Technology Certificate (AMIST1). 

Bucks County Community College’s Advanced Manufacturing Training Center offers a blended instructional model: on site in the lab and online! This integrated approach has proven successful in numerous manufacturing training sites across the country and incorporates industrial quality equipment, troubleshooting emphasis, and task and competency-based curriculum. Course hours include a combination of lab and theory. Complete the online elearning theory lessons when and where it’s most convenient for you – at home, at work, or anywhere you have access to the internet – and use scheduled lab time for hands on practice and skills assessment with your instructor.

For more information, call Emily Evans: 215-504-8695.

Lab Hours
(scheduled by appointment)
Daytime Hours: Mon - Wed, 8 am-5 pm
Evening hours: Tu & Th, 5-9 pm
Weekend hours: Saturday, 8 am-1 pm

New, Unique Features:

  • Accelerated Learning 
  • Monthly Start Dates 
  • Customization available for companies

Available Certificate Programs

  • Production Technician Certificate
  • Industrial Electro/Mechanical 1 Certificate
  • PLC Technician Certificate
  • Hydraulics Troubleshooting Certificate
  • NIMS CNC Machine Operator Certificate
  • Industrial Welding 1 Certificate
  • AM/IST 1 Advanced Manufacturing/Integrated Systems Technology Certificate

Advanced Manufacturing Courses

AMIST 1 - Advanced Manufacturing/Integrated System Technology Certificate

720 Hrs, $9645
For those interested in the AM/IST pathway, additional stackable credentials are available in:

  • Industrial Mechanical 1 - 135 hrs, $2,363
  • Industrial Mechanical 2 - 105 hrs, $1,838
  • Industrial Electrical 1 - 135 hrs, $2,363
  • Industrial Electrical 2 - 65 hrs, $1,138
  • Industrial PLC’s (Programmable Logic Controllers) - 80 hrs, $1,400

Call us at 215-504-8695 to get more information about program details and learn how we can help you upskill for high priority industrial technical positions for today and tomorrow!

PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) Troubleshooting A-B SLC 500/RSLOGIX 500 & Siemens S7

Learn programming and troubleshooting of programmable logic controllers and their use in industrial, commercial, and residential applications.
Prerequisite: Production Technician Certificate or test outs. Call 215-504-8695 for more information.
Advanced Manufacturing Training Center/ $1400.
WTMCO 1124 AM1/ 12 Tu, 2/24-5/12, 5:30-9:15pm/ 80 hrs (45 hrs class; 35 hrs e-learning).
Two years ago an employee attended the PLC training course from Bucks. We are very impressed with the progress made and are contemplating sending the majority of Maintenance Staff through this same course.
B. Ferguson, Maintenance Supervisor, Greif, Warminster Steel

Blueprint Reading for Welders

Learn to find size and location of dimensions, symbols, math notes, and related welding assembly information shown on a drawing. This course helps develop the range of thinking required to assemble simple components and complex assemblies from welding prints.
Advanced Manufacturing Training Center/$450/ WTMCO 0124 AM1/10 M, 3/30-6/15, 5-9 pm/40 hrs

Industrial Hydraulics

Learn the fundamentals of hydraulic systems used in industry. Topics include: hydraulic power systems, basic hydraulic circuits; pressure and flow valves, hydraulic speed control, pressure control circuits, DCV and cylinder applications, relief valve operations, and more.
Advanced Manufacturing Training Center/ $875.
WTMCO 1639 AM1 / 9 Wed, 3/18-5/13, 5:30-8:30 pm
50 hrs (27 hrs class; 23 hrs e-learning).

AutoCAD® Essentials (36 Hrs)

This course incorporates the features, commands, and techniques for creating, editing, and printing 2D drawings with AutoCAD. You will learn skills that can be used in all disciplines of AutoCAD, and specifically Engineering. Hands-on exercises throughout the course explore how to create 2D production drawings.
Prerequisite: A working knowledge of PC’s and Microsoft Windows is necessary. An understanding of basic drafting skills and blueprint reading is helpful.
$630 (plus book fee)/ WCOAP 6064 WB1-W70
Newtown Campus/WB1 12 Tu, 2/3-4/21,
6:30-9:30 pm
Lower Bucks Campus/ W50/ 6 Sat, 1/24-2/28, 9:00am-3:30pm
Upper Bucks Campus/ W70/ 9 Mon, 3/23-5/18, 5:30-9:30pm

AutoCAD 3D Modeling 2nd Level

For those familiar with AutoCAD, this course incorporates the features, commands, and techniques used to create, edit, and print 3D drawings with AutoCAD hands-on exercises throughout the course explore creating 3D wire frame models, 3D surface models, 3D solid models, and making multi-view drawings. Prerequisites: working knowledge of AutoCAD and Microsoft Windows OS, plus understanding of basic drafting skills and blueprint reading.
Newtown Campus/ $630 (plus book fee)/ WCOAP 6065 WB1/ 6 Sat, 3/14-4/25 (no class 4/4), 9:00am-3:30pm
Approved Hours: 36 (Act 48, Engineers)

Revit®Architecture Basics (36 Hrs)

The course covers the concepts and introduces Revit tools to create a schematic design from construction documentation to design visualization. Pre-requisite: A working knowledge of computers, MS Windows, and previous experience in architectural design, drafting, or engineering is necessary. No previous CAD experience is necessary.
Newtown Campus/$750 (plus book fee)/ WCOAP 6068 WB1, 9 M, 3/2-4/27, 5:30-9:30pm
Approved Hours: 36 (Act 48, Engineers)

Autodesk Inventor (36 Hrs)

Autodesk Inventor software serves as a flexible development platform for building specialized mechanical design applications, as well as for interfacing with upstream, downstream, and enterprise applications for manufacturers.
Lower Bucks Campus/$675 (plus book fee)/
WCOAP 6070 W50, 12 Wed, 3/4– 5/20, 6:30-9:30pm

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