Tuition and Expenses

A payment fee and schedule is listed below. This schedule will also be given to each applicant at the time of their interview. Tuition payments are to be made prior to the start of each semester.

Books and uniforms are purchased by the student and are not included in the price of tuition.

There will be additional fees per semester that cover the cost of radiation monitoring, malpractice insurance, and other costs applicable to the program. In addition, students will be required to pay application fees for the A.R.R.T. examination following successful completion of the Program. The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists fee for application is currently $200.00.

All registration fees are non-reimbursable. This includes pre-assessment testing fees, College admission fees, and any other fees associated with the admissions process. Tuition payments are to be made prior to the start of the first and fourth semesters.

Refund Policy

A student, who voluntarily withdraws, is dismissed for failure to maintain satisfactory progress or is granted a leave of absence may be eligible for a tuition refund. The student must advise the Program, in writing, of their intention to withdraw and formally request a refund. The effective action date shall be the date the program receives such notification. Deposits and fees are not refundable. All withdrawls must be in writing and addressed to the program director.

The following schedule shall apply in all cases:

  •   Before the official start-date of each semester: 100% refund
  •   During the first week of each semester : 75% refund
  •   During the second and third weeks of each semester: 50% refund
  •   Withdrawing from the Program after the third week of each semester: NO refund.


Approximate Fee Schedule for Radiography

Non-refundable Acceptance Fee:  $150.00 due on acceptance



Payable at acceptance

   $150 ( non -refundable)


** Financial Aid available

 ** Tuition change 1/2012

Payments due on or before

May 1, August 1

January 1 each year

$14,000 Program costs with fees $500 **

 Payments are divided into 6 payments.

Malpractice/Liability Insurance

Payable April of year I

$100 Fee **

Radiation Badge Fee
  With quarterly reading

Payable April of year I

$150 Fee **


Inclusive package sold in bookstore

$1,200 estimated cost


Supplied by FLAGSTAFF

About $35 each set

Technology Fee

Payable Jan of year II

$150 **

Graduation Fee

Payable Jan of year II

$100 **

ARRT Registration

Fee paid directly to   ARRT




Various clinical   experiences are provided   

 Expenses   associated with clinical travel are part of the student responsibility

 Degree Options

Articulations include:

  • A.A. Occupational Studies #2068 ( Bucks County Community College)
  • A.S/B.S.  Radiologic Science Administration  (St. Joseph's College of Maine)
  • B.S  Radiation Sciences  ( Gwynedd Mercy University, University of Mary)
  • B.S Radiation Therapy ( Gwynedd Mercy University)
  • B.S Medical Imaging ( Bloomsburg University )

Other Program Information