Tuition and Fees

Financing information


Please select the non-credit campus brand (code # 98) for the Medical Imaging programs.

The following fee schedule shall apply:

Basic Tuition: $2,000.00/course
Return check fee: $25.00

Refund Policy

A student, who voluntarily withdraws, is dismissed for failure to maintain satisfactory progress or is granted a leave of absence may be eligible for a tuition refund. The student must advise the Program, in writing, of their intention to withdraw and formally request a refund. The effective action date shall be the date the program receives such notification. Deposits and fees are not refundable. The following schedule shall apply in all cases:

  •   Before the official start-date of each semester: 100% refund
  •   During the first week of each semester : 75% refund
  •   During the second and third weeks of each semester: 50% refund
  •   Withdrawing from the Program after the third week of each semester: NO refund.

Students dismissed for violation of program policy are NOT eligible for refunds!