Tuition and Fees

Unless prior arrangements are made tuition is due and payable the first day of the program. Alternate payment schedules shall be distributed prior to and during orientation. Tuition not paid by the due date will be surcharged a late fee and student matriculation may be affected.

The following fee schedule shall apply:

Basic Tuition: $2,000.00/course
Return check fee: $25.00

Refund Policy

A student, who voluntarily withdraws, is dismissed for failure to maintain satisfactory progress or is granted a leave of absence may be eligible for a tuition refund. The student must advise the Program, in writing, of their intention to withdraw and formally request a refund. The effective action date shall be the date the program receives such notification. Deposits and fees are not refundable. The following schedule shall apply in all cases:

  •   Before the official start-date of each semester: 100% refund
  •   During the first week of each semester : 75% refund
  •   During the second and third weeks of each semester: 50% refund
  •   Withdrawing from the Program after the third week of each semester: NO refund.

Students dismissed for violation of program policy are NOT eligible for refunds!