The Practical Nursing Program has a three-level curriculum* as follows:

Theory/Clinical Ratio 52/48
Student/Faculty Ratio 10/1
Number of Program Hours 1530 (theory-798; clinical-732)

Nursing Level I


Math Review & Remediation

Anatomy & Physiology
Theory Hrs. 105

Basic Nursing
Theory Hrs. 112
Clinical Hrs. 186

Personal & Professional Relationships I
Theory Hrs. 35

Interpersonal Communications
Theory Hrs. 45

297 Classroom Hours
186 Clinical Hours
483 Total Hours

Nursing Level II

Theory Hrs. 24

Medical-Surgical Nursing I
Theory Hrs. 109
Clinical Hrs. 301

Pharmacology I
Theory Hrs. 49

Intravenous Therapy
Theory Hrs. 30

Gerontology/Mental Health
Theory Hrs. 49
261 Classroom Hours
301 Clinical Hours
562 Total Hours

Nursing Level III

Theory Hrs. 21

Medical-Surgical Nursing II
Theory Hrs. 63
Clinical Hrs. 140

Maternal Child Health
Theory Hrs. 91
Clinical Hrs. 70

Pharmacology II
Theory Hrs. 30

Personal & Professional Relationships II
Theory Hrs. 35
Clinical Hrs. 35

240 Classroom Hours
245 Clinical Hours
485 Total Hours

*This curriculum is subject to change. Students must maintain a minimum grade of 77% in all nursing courses in order to progress to the next level.