EDUC220 Practicum in Education

Department of Social & Behavioral Science: Education

I. Course Number and Title
EDUC220 Practicum in Education
II. Number of Credits
6 credits
III. Number of Instructional Minutes
IV. Prerequisites
Current enrollment in Early Childhood, Childcare, or Instructional Assistant program, academic qualification, and permission of the Department of Social & Behavioral Science, EDUC105 (C or better), EDUC115 (C or better); Instructional Assistant: EDUC100 (C or better), PSYC180 (C or better); Childhood Certificate: EDUC115 (C or better), EDUC142 (C or better)
V. Other Pertinent Information
VI. Catalog Course Description
A "hands-on" experience in a local school, or childcare placement; contact hours = 15 hours weekly on site, frequent supervisory visitations, and weekly conference. The seminar included clarifies the: school, or childcare organization, staff responsibilities, an orientation of professional ethics, and develops an appreciation of the profession.
VII. Required Course Content and Direction
  1. Course Learning Goals

    1. Understanding of the teaching profession.
    2. Development of a philosophy of education and teaching style.
    3. Development of the ability to design age appropriate activities for young children.
    4. Understanding the responsibilities of a teacher/child care professional.
    5. Develop the ability to design and implement age appropriate lessons in a classroom setting.
  2. Planned Sequence of Topics and/or Learning Activities

    1. Writing behavioral and general instructional objectives
    2. Writing lesson plans
    3. Ethical behavior
    4. Job interview/writing resumes
    5. State rules and regulations for day care settings
    6. Classroom management
    7. Use of computers in the classroom
    8. Children with special needs in the preschool classroom
    9. Teacher certification
  3. Assessment Methods for Course Learning Goals

  4. Reference, Resource, or Learning Materials to be used by Student:

    Departmentally-selected textbook. Details provided by the instructor of each course section. See course syllabus.

Review/Approval Date -11/98; New Core 8/2015