CISC106 Mobile Application Development (Experimental)

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I. Course Number and Title
CISC106 Mobile Application Development (Experimental) Course No Longer Offered
II. Number of Credits
3 credits
III. Number of Instructional Minutes
IV. Prerequisites
V. Other Pertinent Information
Students are encouraged to BYOD (bring your own Android Device). This course may not be used as a computer elective for students in computer science majors.
VI. Catalog Course Description
A course for non-majors. Students use a visual, drag-and-drop language to create powerful mobile applications. Students access the world of mobile services and apps as creators, not just consumers, create entertaining and socially useful apps, and explore computational thinking from the perspective of mobile computing.
VII. Required Course Content and Direction
  1. Course Learning Goals

    Students will:

    1. interface with mobile devices using graphical objects and menus;
    2. demonstrate knowledge of basic app development concepts;
    3. identify and apply the steps involved in developing apps for mobile devices; and
    4. demonstrate and share the apps created with classmates and others.
  2. Planned Sequence of Topics and/or Learning Activities

    1. Introduction
    2. Games
    3. Texting, Location Sensing, and Other Mobile Technology
    4. Quizzes and Other Informational Apps
    5. Input Form, Other User-Generated Data and Persistence
    6. Software Engineering and Procedural Abstraction
    7. Apps with Access Web Data
  3. Assessment Methods for Course Learning Goals

    Course-specific learning goals will be evaluated via (written) test results and problem solving, including writing, testing, and documentation of complete programs.
  4. Reference, Resource, or Learning Materials to be used by Student:

    Departmentally-selected textbook. Details provided by the instructor of each course section. See course syllabus.

Approval/Revision Date: First Offered 9/2011; New Core 8/2015