OADM145 Basic Applications of Microsoft Powerpoint

Department of Business Studies: Office Administration

I. Course Number and Title
OADM145 Basic Applications of Microsoft Powerpoint
II. Number of Credits
1 credit
III. Minimum Number of Instructional Minutes Per Semester
IV. Prerequisites
V. Other Pertinent Information
Keyboarding skills and Windows familiarity recommended.
This course will be offered only in the TOTAL Lab.
VI. Catalog Course Description
This course is designed for students wishing to master the fundamentals of Microsoft PowerPoint. Students create, edit, format, use WordArt, and link embedded objects in a PowerPoint presentation.
VII. Required Course Content and Direction
  1. Learning Goals:

    1. Course
    2. Students will
      1. plan, develop, and create a PowerPoint presentation;
      2. prepare, edit, and utilize formatting functions of Microsoft PowerPoint;
      3. using WordArt features and create organizational charts, as well as create and import text from a Word document; and
      4. demonstrate the ability to link and embed objects into a PowerPoint presentation.

    3. Core (if applicable)
    4. This course is not included in the Core.
  2. Planned Sequence of Topics and/or Learning Activities:

    1. introduction to PowerPoint
    2. preparing a PowerPoint presentation
    3. editing and formatting a PowerPoint presentation
    4. using WordArt and creating organizational charts
    5. linking and embedding objects and replacing fonts
  3. Assessment Methods for Core Learning Goals:

    1. Course
    2. The assessment of course learning goals is based on designing a PowerPoint presentation which will demonstrate knowledge of the elements of editing, formatting, creating organizational charts, linking, embedding, importing text and WordArt objects.

    3. Core (if applicable)
    4. This course is not included in the Core.
  4. Reference, Resource, or Learning Materials to be used by Students:

    See course format.
VIII. Teaching Methods Employed
Section VIII is not being used in new and revised syllabi as of 12/10/08.

Review/Approval Date - 5/04; Revised 1/2010; Revised 2013