Second Act Special Interest

Fall 2015

The Harlem Renaissance

Have you heard of the Cotton Club, the Dark Tower, the Tree of Hope, Bessie Smith, W.C. Handy and Zora Neale Hurston? These and other examples of African American culture flourished in Harlem between World War I and the beginning of the Great Depression. This movement soon went mainstream, influencing American culture at large. Learn about and listen to the exciting music of the 1920’s in Harlem with excursions into the art, literature, and dance emerging at the same time. Margaret Montet, M.M., M.L.S.

Heritage Creek/$69/RCEGN 8706 CPV1
3 Mon, 11/2-11/16 6-8 pm

Vienna, City of Music

Vienna, Austria, has been an irresistable destination for musicians and a center of musical activity for centuries. This course will explore the reasons for this attraction, the musical innovations which originated in this sophisticated city, and then focus on its superstar composers. We’ll travel virtually to this city on the blue Danube to learn about the creation of serious art music, lighter popular entertainment, dance, and the visual arts. Margaret Montet, M.M., M.L.S.

Pennswood Village/ $69/ RCEGN 8632 CPV1
3 Sat, 9/12-9/26, 10 am- 12 pm

American Constitutional History: A Citizens’ Guide to the U.S. Constitution

This course will begin with an examination of the Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation in order to establish the historical origins of the U.S. Constitution. The Constitution will then be discussed with an emphasis upon key issues presented during the Constitutional Convention and the manner in which these issues were resolved by the Framers. The course will then examine the historical development of U.S. Constitutional Law via an analysis of major Supreme Court decisions, and conclude with a consideration of contemporary Constitutional issues. Dr. Frank Schwartz

Newtown Campus/$89/RCEGN 8698/C01
6 Wed, 9/16-10/21, 7-9 pm

Pennswood Village/$89 (plus $4.95 book fee)/ RCEGN 8698/CPV1
6 Tu, 9/15-10/20, 10am-12pm

The Checkered Triumph of the Middle Class: Gustave Flaubert’s MADAME BOVARY

Flaubert’s great novel delivers to his readers an indelible portrait of a discontented young woman inspired both by the overblown and sentimental romantic novels flooding the market of 19th century popular culture and the glittering material rewards endlessly flaunted by the winners of bitterly fought financial struggles among the emerging middle class. Insatiably greedy for more—more possessions, more sensations, more “bliss”—Emma is insensible to the damage she does to others. The class will examine the sociopolitical background to which the novel responds and the painstaking style which Flaubert employs to bring it to life, including his imagery, diction, and use of point of view. We will also discuss the attempt to censor the novel in an infamous trial, and, since the book we read belongs to the translator as well as to Flaubert, we will analyze the challenge of creating a great English novel out of a great French one. Jo Ellen Winters

Pennswood Village/$109 (includes book fee) /RCEGN 8633 CPV1
7 Mon, 9/21-11/2, 10 am- 12 pm

Introduction to Photography, Film and Digital

This class is designed for those students who have either taken the Learning to Use Your Digital Camera or who have had some experience in using an SLR or DSLR camera. Note: This class in not for anyone who does not know how to use an SLR or DSLR. Students will need to bring the following equipment to each class: Camera, camera manual or laptop/tablet to access manual online, textbook, notebook, tripod, shutter remote, one 20”x30” sheet of white foam-core or a photographer’s reflector, and one 8x10” gray card. James J. Grimes, M.Ed.

Newtown Campus/$99 (plus $25 book fee)/ RFNRT 2581 C01
4 Wed, 11/4-11/25 10am-1 pm

Learning to Use Your Digital Camera

This class is designed for those who own a DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex) camera or an advanced Point and Shoot camera (those with full manual controls). Students will learn basic digital photography theory and will learn how to set the controls on their camera so that they are able to intelligently use the camera under most lighting conditions. Note: this course is not for those who own a basic point and shoot camera, as there are no user controls available. James J. Grimes, M.Ed.

Newtown Campus/ $49 / RFNRT 8015 C01, C02 & C02
C01/Wed, 9/16, 10 am-1 pm
C02/Wed, 10/14, 10 am -1 pm
C02/Wed, 12/9, 10 am -1 pm

Basic Drawing - Pennswood Village

This class is designed to build upon your observational drawing skills, improve your use of design elements (contour, shape, composition, texture, value, & perspective) and increase your versatility in various drawing materials, both individually and in combination. Some drawing skills required. Danielle Cargas

Pennswood Village/ $159/ RCEGN 8850 CPV1
9 Tu, 9/15-11/17 (no class 10/13), 9:30-12:30 pm

Sketchbook Drawing - Pennswood Village

A journal of thousand images begins with a single page. This class offers the perfect opportunity to develop drawing skills, practice creative play and daily sketchbook habits. Observations and creativity will be emphasized as well as exploring the sketchbook and its use in preparation for future artwork. We will use a variety of media and techniques to create successful “artistic journal” while expanding our visual thinking skills. Some drawing skills required.
Danielle Cargas

Pennswood Village/ $159/RCEGN 8851 CPV1
9 Thu, 9/17-11/19 (no class 10/15), 9:30 am-12:30 pm

The Art of Collage Workshop

The world of collage is like no other medium. It challenges the beginner artist as well as the more accomplished artist. It offers versatile materials, exciting visual effects and enormous expressive potential. In this workshop you will explore the combination of mixed media and collage to create a finished art work. Bring your creativity! Danielle Cargas

Newtown Campus/ $69/RCEGN 8853 C01 & C02
C01/ Sat, 9/26, 9 am - 3 pm
C02/Sat, 11/21, 9 am -3 pm


Watercolor – Basics & Beyond - Pennswood Village

Whether a beginner or advanced watercolor artist, this course will help you achieve sparkling highlights and luscious wet washes in this transparent, luminous medium. Students are encouraged to bring their own photographic reference materials. Emphasis will be on promoting creativity and the realization of the artist’s vision. Bring what supplies you have for the first class.  A supply list is available the first day of class. Gail Bracegirdle, B.F.A

Pennswood/ $99/ RFNRT 2531 CPV1
4 Fri, 9/11-10/2, 9 am -12 pm


*Courses at Pennswood Village and Heritage Creek are open and not limited to Pennswood Village/Heritage Creek residents.