Second Act Special Interest

Archaeology – Becoming Human: The Quest to Uncover Human Origins

The story of the quest for human origins is a fascinating one. This course examines the breakthroughs responsible for our modern interpretation of our species origins. From a worldwide hoax, eccentric characters and presumptions to scientific advances, we will investigate the history of key discoveries. This program is designed to be entertaining and informative. It encourages an exchange of ideas by introducing participants to topics from a “hands-on” approach through personal interaction with prehistoric artifacts and is filled exploring humorous stories, lively conversation, film clips and PowerPoint presentations.  Matthew Bielecki, B.S., B.A.

Newtown Campus/ $89/ RCEGN 8111 C01
4 Thu, 3/26-4/16, 6:30-8:30pm

America Before Columbus   NEW CLASS

Pre-Columbian peoples were not intermittently settled in an unspoiled wilderness; rather, there were vast numbers who actively shaped and influenced the geography around them. The Aztec enjoyed running water and impeccably clean streets. Mesoamerican cultures grew corn in a focused breeding process that has been called man’s first feat of genetic engineering. Native peoples were not living lightly on the land but were manipulating and managing their world in many ways.  We will examine the Maya, Aztec, Inka and many other pre Columbian cultures through interactive talks, PowerPoint presentations, and artifacts. Matthew Bielecki, B.S., B.A..        

*Pennswood Village/ $89/ RCEGN 8112 CPV1
4 Wed, 4/22-5/13, 10am – 12 pm

Archeology – An Armchair Explorer’s Guide

Find your inner Indiana Jones; while quenching your appetite for the archaeology, history, and the past! Archaeology:  An Armchair Explorer’s Guide is your ticket to explore ancient civilizations and exotic locales while staying close to home. We’ll begin in prehistory, and journey through time discovering cultures and peoples from locations around the world.  Lively lectures, authentic artifacts and cultural objects make up this fun and unique offering.  Matthew Bielecki, B.S., B.A.

*Pennswood Village/ $89/ RCEGN 8110 CPV1
4 Wed, 3/18-4/8 10 am – 12 pm

Learning to Use Your Digital Camera

This class is designed for those who own a DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex) camera or an advanced Point and Shoot camera (those with full manual controls).  Students will learn basic digital photography theory and will learn how to set the controls on their camera so that they are able to intelligently use the camera under most lighting conditions.  Note: this course is not for those who own a basic point and shoot camera, as there are no user controls available.  James J. Grimes, M.Ed.

Newtown Campus/ $49 / RFNRT 8015 C01 & C02 
C01 Wed, 2/4, 10am-1 pm
C02 Wed, 3/4, 10am-1 pm

Introduction to Photography,  Film and Digital          NEW CLASS

This class is designed for those students who have either taken the Learning to Use Your Digital Camera or who have had some experience in using an SLR or DSLR camera.  Note: This class in not for anyone who does not know how to use an SLR or DSLR.  James J. Grimes, M.Ed.

Newtown Campus/ $99 / RFNRT 2581 C01
4 Wed, 4/1-4/22 10am-1 pm

Creative Collage

The world of collage is like no other medium.  It challenges the beginner artist as well as the more accomplished artist.  If offers versatile materials, exciting visual effects and media and combination of collage processes.  Bring your creativity!  Danielle Cargas

*Pennswood Village/ $159 (plus $20 material fee payable to instructor) RFNRT 3472 CPV1
8 Thu, 1/22-3/12, 10am-12:30pm

Sketchbook Drawing

A journal of a thousand images begins with a single page.  This class offers the perfect opportunity to develop drawing skills, practice creative play and daily sketchbook habits.  Observations and creativity will be emphasized as well as exploring the sketchbook and its use in preparation for future artwork. We will use a variety of media and techniques to create a successful “artistic journal” while expanding our visual thinking skills.  Danielle Cargas

*Pennswood Village/ $109 (plus $20 material fee payable to instructor)/ RFNRT 0726 CPV1
7 Thu, 4/9-5/21, 10am-12pm

The Evolution of the Symphony  NEW CLASS

Explore the evolution of the symphony from the 18th century through the 20th century and become more confident when listening to music. Regardless of prior knowledge, students will gain familiarity with this musical form as well as the roughly thirty composers most identified with the genre.  We’ll start with Bach’s sons and end with Lutoslawski. Class meetings will be part lecture, part listening, and  part discussion with lots of fun. Lists of supplementary reading and listening will be supplied for the intellectually curious. 
Margaret Montet, M.M., M.L.S.

*Pennswood Village/ $99/ RMUSC 8009 CPV1
6 Sat, 2/21-4/4 (no class 3/14) 10am-12pm

From Tyranny to Anarchy in  South Africa: J.M. Coetzee’s LIFE of MICHAEL K AND DISGRACE            NEW CLASS

As South Africa transforms violently from the brutal tyranny of apartheid to the brutal anarchy of the new political system which follows apartheid’s overthrow, these novels by Nobel laureate  J.M. Coetzee depict the lives of 2 men who understand, pursue, and experience freedom in their struggle for survival within and outside the repressive barriers they encounter in radically different ways.  Race, class, language, politics and history separate them, but it is the tortured land itself that enables each to discover his identity.
Jo Ellen Winters

*Pennswood Village/$119 (includes book fee)/ RCEGN 8388/ CPV1
7 Mon, 3/23-5/4, 10 am-12 pm

Watercolor – Awash with Color

This course is for the beginner to intermediate watercolor artist who wants to achieve sparkling highlights and luscious wet washes in this transparent, luminous medium. Expect a fun and supportive atmosphere as you explore painting washes, glazing, wet into wet, dry-brush and texturing techniques. Emphasis will be on promoting creativity and the realization and appreciation of the individual vision of each artist. A materials list will be provided.  You are encouraged to bring your own photographic reference materials. We will also work from still life set-ups. Jo-Ann Osnoe, B.F.A.

*Pennswood Village/ $129/ RFNRT 8014 CPV1
6 Sat, 3/14-4/18, 9 am-12 pm


*Courses at Pennswood Village are open and not limited to Pennswood Village residents.