Second Act Special Interest

Crime and Punishment: Not Your Parents’ Urban Detective Story      NEW

A murky and unstable St. Petersburg, circa 1864; a double murder; a distraught murderer; and a dogged investigation which turns out to be beside the point. Aberrant behaviors, clashing ideas and beliefs, muddy values, and uncertain loyalties characterize Dostoyevsky’s deeply alienated and conflicted characters, with whom we share the struggle to uncover meaning in this dark and unbalanced world. Jo Ellen Winters

Pennswood Village/$109 (includes book fee) /RCEGN 8391 CPV1
7 Mon, 3/14-4/25, 10 am- 12 pm

Six Supreme Court Decisions Which Helped Define American’s Constitutional Values

Constitutional decision making by the Supreme Court is an inherently value laden exercise cloaked in legal justification. This course will examine six Supreme Court decisions, together with their immediate progeny, which helped to define American values, both Constitutional and otherwise. American life today would be difficult if not impossible to imagine without the benefit of these six momentous Supreme Court decisions. Dr. Frank Schwartz

Pennswood/$99/RCEGN 8389 CPV1
6 Tu, 2/23-3/29 10am-12pm
Newtown/$99/RCEGN 8389 C01
6 Tu, 2/23-3/29, 7-9 pm

Introduction to Photography, Film and Digital

This class is designed for those students who have either taken the Learning to Use Your Digital Camera or who have had some experience in using an SLR or DSLR camera. Note: This class in not for anyone who does not know how to use an SLR or DSLR. Students will need to bring the following equipment to each class: Camera, camera manual or lap-top/tablet to access manual online, textbook, notebook, tripod, shutter remote, one 20”x30” sheet of white foam-core or a photographer’s reflector, and one 8x10” gray card. James J. Grimes, M.Ed.

Newtown Campus/$99 (plus $25 book fee)/ RFNRT 2581 C01
4 Wed, 4/6-4/27 10am-1 pm

Learning to Use Your Digital Camera

This class is designed for those who own a DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex) camera or an advanced Point and Shoot camera (those with full manual controls). Students will learn basic digital photography theory and will learn how to set the controls on their camera so that they are able to intelligently use the camera under most lighting conditions. Note: this course is not for those who own a basic point and shoot camera, as there are no user controls available. James J. Grimes, M.Ed.

Newtown Campus/ $49 / RFNRT 8015 C01, C02
C01/Wed, 2/24, 10 am-1 pm
C02/Wed, 3/30, 10 am -1 pm

Basic Drawing

This class is designed to build upon your observational drawing skills, improve your use of design elements (contour, shape, composition, texture, value, & perspective) and increase your versatility in various drawing materials, both in-dividually and in combination. Some drawing skills required. Danielle Cargas M.Ed

Pennswood Village/ $109/ RFNRT 8028 CPV1
6 Thu, 2/4-3/10, 10am -12:30 pm

Watercolor – Basics & Beyond

Whether a beginner or advanced watercolor artist, this course will help you achieve sparkling highlights and luscious wet washes in this transparent, lumi­nous medium. Students are encouraged to bring their own photographic reference materials. Empha­sis will be on promoting creativity and the realiza­tion of the artist’s vision. Note: Please bring whatever supplies you have and a supply list will be given out the first night of class. Gail Bracegirdle, B.F.A

Pennwood Village/$99/ RFNRT 2531 CPV1
4 Fri, 4/1-4/22, 9am -12 pm

Sketchbook Drawing

A journal of thousand images begins with a single page. This class offers the perfect opportunity to develop drawing skills, practice creative play and daily sketchbook habits. Observations and creativity will be emphasized as well as exploring the sketchbook and its use in preparation for future artwork. We will use a variety of media and techniques to create successful “artistic journal” while expanding our visual thinking skills. Some drawing skills required. Danielle Cargas, M.Ed

Pennswood Village/ $109/ RFNRT 8029 CPV1
6 Th, 3/31-5/5, 10am -12:30 pm

Mixed Media Collage

Collage is an important part of contemporary imagery. It is like no other medium. It challenges the beginner artist as well as the more accomplished artist. It offers versatile materials, exciting visual effects and enormous expressive potential. In this class you will explore the use of a modified color pallet, a combination of collage processes, and the methods of integrating collage with painting. Bring your creativity! Please bring all materials to the first class. Danielle Cargas, M.Ed

Pennswood Village/ $159/ RFNRT 8030 CPV1
8 Tu, 2/23-4/19 (no class 3/22), 10 am-12:30 pm

Skincare and Menopause

Keep your skin healthy and youthful looking during menopause by discovering the anti-aging benefits of good skin care, ingredients and techniques which target the unique requirements of skincare during this stage of life. Camouflage makeup will be applied to demonstrate how to conceal imperfections and enhance the skin. This program includes an anti-aging Fabulous Facelift demonstration. Barbara Strampello-Grabosky, Image Consultant, Licensed Esthetician

Newtown Campus/ $69 (includes $10 materials fee) RHEAL 8002 C01
2 Sat, 5/7-5/14, 10 am -12 pm


*Courses at Pennswood Village  are open and not limited to Pennswood Village.