Second Act Computer Series

Do you want to learn or improve computer skills, but have been hesitant to take the plunge? This series is designed for adults ages 50+, taught at your level, at your speed, and addressing issues that we all face in this fast-paced technological world! You too can be “Tech Savvy”!

Microsoft Word 2013 for Beginners

Learn and Familiarize Microsoft Word for business or personal us to prepare and navigate the program easily.  Discover basic editing tools to insert pictures, stylistics into word documents and more.  Thomas A. Philip

Newtown Campus/$149 (plus $25 book fee)
RCOAP 8011 C01
6 Tu, 5/31-7/5, 6-8 pm

Microsoft Excel 2013 for Beginners

Microsoft Excel 2013 will allow stduents to create spreadsheets to manage data for their personal or business needs.  They will be able to manipulate data, figures and perform calculations to manage their accounting or financial needs.  This course not only takes you from the beginners level EXCEL concepts, but branches into intermediate concepts that will allow you to feel confident in creating professional looking spreadsheets in a matter of weeks.   Thomas A. Philip

Newtown Campus/ $149 (plus $25 book fee)
RCOAP 8045 C01
6 Thu, 6/2-7/7, 6-8 pm