Floral Design Certificate

2016 Flower Show

The Department of Continuing Education Presents the Floral Design Certificate Flower Show

This event is FREE and open to the public from Saturday, April 30 - Friday, May 6 (11 a.m. - 7 p.m.)

We hope you can join us!


Floral Design Certificate Program  - ‌Dr. Jessica Kim

The Floral Design Certificate Program is designed for students of ages 18+ with or without experience designing with fresh flowers. All that is required is a shared love of flowers and design and the belief that they have the talent to pursue a career in floral design.  The curriculum includes 160 hours of classroom instruction in 7 core courses and 3 electives of your choice. There is a written and practice exam that is required at the end of the program.  This certificate must be completed within two years.  Attendance at 80% of classes is required.  Classes are offered throughout the year.


Core Classes:

Basic Floral Design
Intermediate Floral Design
Weddings and Special Occasions I
Sympathy and Funeral Flowers
Modern Floral Design
Fresh Flowers for Life’s Special Occasions
The Business of Floral Design

Electives:  (choose 3)
Prerequisites: Intro to Basic Floral Design

Advanced Floral Design
The Business of Floral Design II
Celebrating the Holidays with Fresh Flowers I
Celebrating the Holidays with Fresh Flowers II
Centerpieces for a Sensational Summer
Tropical Floral Designs
Weddings & Special Occasions II

 *New Elective courses are added each year to meet the growing trends in floral design.

Basic Floral Design

Students will be introduced to the basics of floral designing--how to care and condition fresh flowers to prolong their life, floral design terminology, and various design trends and techniques.  Students will learn to arrange in a variety of vases (including but not limited to glassware, plastic, and basket containers) using a wide range of flowers and foliage.  Students will take home two beautiful arrangements for each class we meet.  No prior experience necessary.

Newtown Campus/ $384 (includes flower cost of $185)
WSMCE 5125/ C01 & C02
C01/ 4 Tu, 5/24-6/14, 6-10 pm
C02/4 Wed, 7/6-7/27, 6-10 pm


Weddings and Special Occasions II

This course builds on the designs introduced in Weddings & Special Occasions I.  Although the first course is not a prerequisite for this course, you will learn to create designs that are more advanced and intricate.  Some of the designs in this course include cascade bouquets, pomander balls, larger centerpieces, and the floral arch for outdoor events.  Early registration is highly recommended.   

Newtown Campus/ $434 (includes flower cost of $235)
WSMCE 5143  C01
C01/4 Wed, 5/25-6/15, 6-10 pm


Centerpieces for a Sensational Summer

Enjoy the summer with your very own beautiful floral arrangements in vibrant sunshine hues! Whether your entertaining friends in your backyard or enjoying some much needed relaxation time in your home, you will be sure to have fun designing unique centerpieces using the freshest flowers and fruits of the season.  Learn to create fun floral designs using citrus fruits that float in the vase or even a tall centerpiece using some of the most beautiful tropical flowers. With each design you make and take home with you, you will be sure to put a smile on your face for learning to create something new and to put a smile on all of your friend’s faces who admire your creations! 

Newtown Campus/ $414 (includes flower cost of $215)
WSMCE 5129 C01
C01/4 Thu, 5/26-6/16, 6-10 pm


Floral Design Certificate Exam

This examination serves as the final step in completing the requirements for the floral design certificate program. Those taking this exam will be asked to demonstrate their floral design knowledge and skills through a written test as well as 5 design tasks.  Be sure to have taken all the re-quired and elective courses before registering to take this exam.  Please bring to the exam all your floral design tools and supplies.  Fresh flowers, foliage, and containers will be provided.  

Newtown Campus/ $214 (includes flower cost of $135)|
ATEST 3001/ C01 & C02
C01/Mon, 5/23, 6-10 pm
C02/Mon, 6/6, 6-10 pm