Youth, Parents, and Teachers

Youth, Parents & Teachers

The Lost Art of Play     NEW CLASS!
Teachers and pediatricians are reporting increased incidences of ADHD, physical and occupational therapists are noticing more delays development of motor skills and other milestones, and speech therapists are noticing delays in speech development and absent social skills.  What’s causing our children’s stunted development, and how can we reverse it?  Come learn the Lost Nature of Play and gain and understanding of the impact technology, societal demands, and time is having on your child’s development.  Gain insight into the therapeutic traits inherent in free-play and learn how to support your child in unplugging and getting back to the basics of play as nature intended for improved social, emotional, and physical health!  Meghan Oberg, CTRS

Newtown Campus/$49 RCEGN 8654 C01
2 Wed, 7/22-7/29, 6-7:30 pm