Personal Mindfulness

Are You Your Thoughts?

Find out in this 2-hour introduction to Inquiry. Inquiry is a simple, yet powerful way to identify and question any thought that causes stress and suffering in your life. This mini-workshop offers and introduction to The Work of Byron Katie, tools to question your thoughts, and ways to make this meditation practice a natural part of your life. Anyone with an open mind can do The Work. Jean Kuhn, M.S.Ed. Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie

Newtown Campus/ $39/ RCEGN 4206 C01, C02, C03 & C04
C01/Tu, 9/22, 10am-12pm
C02/Tu, 10/13, 10am-12pm
C03/Tu, 10/27, 10 am-12 pm
C04/Tu, 11/3, 10 am-12 pm

Contemplative Spirituality

“Contemplative Spirituality” is a course designed for those who would like to deepen their relationship to God by incorporating some of the great spiritual practices that have withstood the test of time. Journaling for spiritual growth, sacred reading, the practice of spiritual attentiveness, and centering prayer will be covered in this 5 week course. This course is open to everyone and all levels of knowledge of spiritual practice.
Rev. Dr. Marianne Morgan

Newtown Campus/ $79/ RHEAL 0056 C01
5 Thu., 9/24-10/22, 6:30-8 pm

To Love, Honor and Cherish Thyself

New and extended class. By popular demand, Rev. Rubin has extended the class to include 5 additional sessions. When we marry we vow to “love, honor and cherish” our spouse, but what about ourselves? Many women are raised to value others before themselves. If you find yourself at a crossroads, perhaps newly separated, divorced, an empty nester, or in the stages of a career change, take this first step to empower yourself, and discover ways to “love, honor and cherish thyself.” Join us as we expand the exploration of meditation and relaxation. Rev. Sandy Rubin

Newtown Campus/$89 /RHEAL 0212 C01
6 Wed, 9/30-11/4, 7-9 pm

De-Hypnotize and Reprogram for Happiness and Success

Even from before the time of birth we are programmed with what professional hypnotherapists call “Waking Hypnotic Suggestion”. We believe our thoughts to be our own when most are a product of programming throughout our lives by parents, teachers, clergy, television, radio, friends, etc. All original thought comes from the creative subconscious. Only by clearing the path and erasing old negative and limiting programming can a person find true happiness, self-knowledge and reach their full potential. This workshop will help you begin the process of clearing our old programming imbedded through waking hypnotic suggestion and experience greater self-awareness and enlightenment. Philip Holder PhD.

Newtown Campus/ $79 (CD for $25 payable to instructor)/ RHEAL0066 C01/
Thur, 10/15, 6:30-8:30 pm

Couples in Communication

Personal differences make life interesting, but can also cause conflict. Destructive arguments leave scars that are difficult to repair.  Communication and Listening skills are the key.  Even arguments can be constructive and help you to better understand your spouse, friends and fmily if you follow a few simple rules.  Participants can gain: The ability to listen effectively, argue productively, resolve conflicts, stay on topic and achieve common goals.  Participants will also gain tools to better manage anger and frustration, as well as learn to empathize and effectively negotiate. This class is designed primarily for couples but individuals are welcome as well.   Philip Holder PhD.

Newtown Campus/$79 (plus $25 materials fee payable to instructor)/
RHEAL 0064 C01/ Thur, 12/3, 6:30-8:30 pm

Past Lives: The Theory and the Experience

Would you like to know if you are an old spirit, if you have lived a previous life or lives? In many cultures it is believed that our fears and anxieties, our talents and creative abilities, may have their roots in experiences from a previous life. By discovering our past experiences, and how they have led us to where we are now, we can better understand ourselves, our likes, our dislikes, our fears, our goals and our desires. Would you like to know if you are an old spirit, if you have lived a previous life or lives? Regression can be an interesting exciting therapeutic journey within. Note: Please plan to arrive early as doors will be closed to avoid disruption. Philip Holder, Ph.D.

Newtown Campus/$89 (plus $25 materials fee payable to instructor)/
RHEAL 0032 C01/ Thur, 9/24, 6:30-9:00 pm 
Approved Hours: 2.5 (Act 48)

Public Speakng (Keeping Your Audience Interested and Inspired)

If you are currently presenting classes or workshops and want to put more pizzazz into your presentations, or if you are called upon to speak at meetings or events and would like to be an even more inspiring speaker, or if you would like to just get involved in public speaking... this class can help you be your best. Learn how to get your message across in an entertaining, inspiring and motivational way. If you are planning to present classes and workshops and aspire to be a dynamic motivational speaker, this class is for you. Benefit from Dr. Holder’s decades of public speaking and presenting. Learn some of the techniques and principles that have made Dr. Holder a popular and sought after speaker. Philip Holder, Ph.D.

Newtown Campus/$129 (plus $25 materials fee payable to instructor)/
RCEGN 8811 C01/ 2 Thur, 10/29 & 11/12, 6:30-8:30pm