Literature and Writing

Write This Way

Learn how to construct the perfect sentence, and you’ll learn clear and concise writing. In this course you will learn how to view your writing in phrases and clauses and not word for word. This will lead to proper sentence construction, clearer writing, an understanding of the parts of speech, and the proper us of punctuation. Roman Griffen

Newtown Campus/ $129/ RCEGN 1533 C01
7 Wed., 10/1-11/12, 7-9 pm

From Memory to Memoir

This course will concentrate on the special genre of Memoir. Remembering the highlights of our lives may sometimes be painful, but they also enlighten us and often encourage our emotional growth. Memory provides a plotline of what happened; memoir reveals the narrator’s “take” on the experience. Joanna Wilson

Newtown Campus/ $139/ RCEGN 8386 C01 /
8 Mon, 9/15-11/3, 6-7:30pm

So You Want to Be A Writer! But Do You Want to Write?

Writing is more than a dream vocation. Most professional writers call it hard work. If you feel you have the calling, this course will separate the dreamers from the doers. Learn the many techniques that mark the difference between the professional and the amateur. Joanna Wilson

Newtown Campus/ $139/ RCEGN 8387 C01 /
8 Thur, 9/26-11/4, 7-8:30pm