Literature and Writing

Memoirs: Let’s Get your Story Written!

Have you experienced a meaningful friendship worth remembering? Endured a tragedy or dark period that was difficult, but from which you emerged triumphant and stronger? Been part of a historic or meaningful event? Whatever your story, you have a great story to tell - in fact, we all do!  Learn ideas for organization, grammar and style. Let us help you get your story written! Please bring notebook and pen or pencil to class. 

Newtown Campus/$95/RCEGN 8257 C01/ 4 Tu, 4/8 -2/29, 7-9pm
Approved Hours: 8 (Act 48)

Mystery/Suspense Writing x Two

If you would like to try your hand at writing mystery/suspense fiction but haven’t a clue, this course can help you get started. Learn where to find ideas, create incidents that shape your characters’ lives, and make the reader care. Class critiquing will help students edit their work. Course objective is completion of one chapter for proposed book.

Newtown Campus/ $139/ RCEGN 1556 C01/
8 Thur, 3/6-4/24, 7:00-8:30pm

Writing for Your Life; A Workshop for Anyone Who Loves to Write

Turn off your "Inner English Teacher" and get some writing done. Forget about grammar, punctuation, spelling and sentence structure, and return to the fun and pure joy of creating. Veteran writer, journalist and author Susan Van Dongen-Grigsby will coach you to overcome the inner editor, allow you to spend some time in creative writing, and help you to facilitate "creative mindfulness." Please bring a notebook/journal and your favorite pen or pencil because this is a low-tech, but high-energy course for creativity. 

Newtown Campus/ $95/ RCEGN 1528 C01
4 Tu, 3/4 - 4/1 (no class 3/18), 7-9 pm
Approved Hours: 8 (Act 48)