Fall 2017 Continuing Education

Lifelong Learning

Becoming Human: The incredible story of Human Origins (Anthropology/History)

Where do we come from? Are all humans related? What can ancient fossils and artifacts tell us about the past? The story of the quest for human origins is a fascinating one. This course explores the breakthroughs responsible for our modern interpretation of our species origins. From global intrigue, eccentric characters, incorrect presumptions to real scientific advances, we will investigate them all. “Becoming Human” encourages an exchange of ideas by introducing participants to topics from a “hands-on” approach, through interaction with prehistoric artifacts and fossils. We’ll explore topics through humorous stories, lively conversation, film clips and PowerPoint presentations. Matthew Bielecki, B.S., B.A.

Newtown Campus/ $89/ RCEGN 8111 C01
4 Thu, 9/14-10/5, 6:30-8:30 pm

Ancient Technology

Without question, stone tools are the most long-lasting aspect of the archeological record. In the course students, will explore humanity’s 2.5-million-year tool making history. Students will recreate stone tools, learn about beneficial plants and animals, use an atlatl, utilize natural fibers, and create small clay pots as well as working on team projects, we will be looking at indigenous lifeways through PowerPoint presentations and by exploring actual artifacts. Matthew Bielecki, B.S., B.A

Pennswood Village/ $99/ RCEGN 8128 CPV1
6 Tu, 9/12-10/17, 10 am - 12 pm

Schubertiad: The Chamber Music and Art Songs of Franz Schubert's Later Year  NEW CLASS

This course will examine the chamber music compositions of Franz Schubert's later years in the Romantic Era. This music was often debutted in intimate Viennese salon venues with close friends and colleagues in attendance. These gatherings came to be known as Schubertiads in order to honor the innovative composer. We will listen to Schubert's music in class including the Wanderer Fantasy, D.760; the Moments musicaux, D.780; the Fantasy in C for Violin and Piano, D.934; the "Arpeggione" Sonata, D.821; and the Winterreise song cycle of 1827.   Margaret Montet, M.M.

Pennswood Village/ $69/ RCEGN 8707 CPV1
3 Sat, 10/21 – 11/4, 10am -12 pm

American Constitutional History:   A Citizens’ Guide to the U.S. Constitution

This course will begin with an examination of the Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation in order to establish the historical origins of the U.S. Constitution. The Constitution will then be discussed with an emphasis upon key issues presented during the Constitutional Convention and the manner in which these issues were resolved by the Framers. The course will then examine the historical development of U.S. Constitutional Law via an analysis of major Supreme Court decisions, and conclude with a consideration of contemporary Constitutional issues. Dr. Frank Schwartz

Pennswood Village/$99/ RCEGN 8698 CPV1
6 Thu, 10/12-11/16, 10am-12pm


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