Health & Fitness

Fall 2014

ARC Lifeguard Training

Learn the skills needed to attain American Red Cross Lifeguarding Certification. This will include water skills, classroom skills, CPR and AED certifications. Students must successfully complete all course requirements and pass both written and practical exams for certification. Jamie Bintliff
Newtown Campus/ $255/ PHPAH 1000 C01/
Next Offering, Spring 2015
Approved Hours: 35 (Act 48)

Living A Whole Foods Healthy Lifestyle

There are so many mixed messages about what’s healthy, and what’s no. Join us for a three week series that goes back to the basics of nutrition. You will explore not only the benefits a diet rich in whole foods can have on our health, but also the negative effects a diet high in processed foods can have on the body. You will gather a multitude of practical tips and resources to transition to a more whole food based lifestyle without becoming overwhelmed! Learn the why and the how of whole foods. Come see how easy and delicious eating healthy can be! Meghan Maguire, CTRS

Newtown Campus/$49 (plus $5 materials fee pay- able to instructor) RHEAL 1008 C01
3 Wed. 9/24-10/8, 6:30-7:30pm

Personal Trainer

Do you have a passion for exercise, health and fitness? This course will provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge to become a successful Personal Trainer. After successful completion of the course, students should be well-prepared to sit for the American Council on Exercise Personal Training exam. Newly revised course based on the 4th edition of the ACE Personal Trainer Manual. Will Eagle

Newtown Campus/ $615 (plus approx. $95 for text*)/ WFTNS 1008 C01/ 8 Tu, 9/16-11/4; 6-10 pm, & 8 Thu, 9/18-11/6; 6-10pm
Approved Hours: 64 (Act 48)
*ACE Personal Trainer Manual (2 book set), American Council on Exercise, 4th edition
Sample Test for Personal Trainer Certification Exam ( Call to order & receive discount:

Tribal Style Bellydance

This is a fun and challenging dance form that is joyous, empowering and builds community & camaraderie. Culled from the folk dances of North Africa, the Middle East, India, and the Mediterranean; Tribal Style Bellydance is an unique fusion of ancient dance forms. Women of the ‘Tribe’ learn a set vocabulary of moves, and performance is presented in an improvised lead-and-follow format. Together they weave a beautiful tapestry of dance that mesmerizes audiences. This dance is for women and by women regardless of age, shape or size. We dance for ourselves and each other, celebrating our own uniqueness and beauty with every step. No dance experience is required. Please wear comfortable, form fitting clothing such as yoga pants and a tank top. Avoid boxy T’shirts or skirts that will obscure your shape. Jennifer A. Parilo, BSN, RN

Lower Bucks Campus/$99 /RFTNS 6047 C50
12 Wed., 9/3-11/19 7:00-8:00 pm


Come and experience the joy of partner dancing. In just three weeks, you will learn to dance the BASIC TO INTERMEDIATE PATTERNS of the ever popular SWING and JIVE as seen on DANCING WITH THE STARS. It is easy to learn and fun to do. Singles are welcome. Margaret Menhardt

Newtown Campus/$55 per person, $95 per couple/ RFTNS 6032/C01
3 Thu., 10/2-10/16 7-8 pm

Popular Party Line Dancing

LINE DANCING is very popular at WEDDINGS AND PARTIES, don’t be left behind. Even if you never danced before, you will find steps simple and fun to learn, a blast to perform with your friends, it’s also a good workout. Join us to learn the CUPID SHUFFLE, DANCES AND DIME, TANGO ITALIANO, CRAZY MAMBO, CHILLY CHA-CHA, BACHATA SHAKE, and WOBBLE. Singles and couples are welcome. Margaret Menhardt

Newtown Campus/ $65 per person, $125 per couple/ RFTNS 6045 C01
4 Mon. 9/29-10/20 7-8 pm

Texas Two Step

THE TEXAS TWO STEP, is a fast traveling circle dance, popular with dancers who enjoy country music. The steps are not much different from an ordinary walking step, it is easy to learn and a blast to perform. Join our three week Dance Course even if you don’t have a partner. Margaret Menhardt

Newtown Campus/ $55 per person, $95 per couple/ RFTNS 6048 C01
3 Thu,. 10/23-11/6 7-8 pm

Second Act Health and Fitness (for Ages 55+)

Yoga for Vitality - All Levels Welcome

“Vitality” is energy plus calm. Gain both through movement, breath (pranayam), mudra (hand positions), and meditation. Kundalini Yoga strengthens and relaxes muscles, improves coordination and balance, detoxifies, releases tension and fear and helps with memory loss. Relax and strengthen insides and out, at your own pace. Please bring a yoga mat and a firm blanket to sit on. Priscilla Estes, RYT, IKYTA
Newtown Campus/ $99/ RFTNS 0129 C01
12 Tu, 9/23-12/9, 5:30-7pm

See Second Act for more courses for ages 55+.

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