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Personal Trainer

Do you have a passion for exercise, health and fitness? This course will provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge to become a successful Personal Trainer.  After successful completion of the course, students should be well-prepared to sit for the American Council on Exercise Personal Training exam.   Newly revised course based on the 5th edition of the ACE Personal Trainer Manual. 

Newtown Campus/ $615 (plus approx. $95 for text*)/ WFTNS 1008 C01/
Next Offering: Spring 2016
*ACE Personal Trainer Manual (2 book set), American Council on Exercise, 5th edition
Sample Test for Personal Trainer Certification Exam ( Call to order & receive discount: 1-888-825-363

Zumba Fitness

Dance your way into fitness with this Latin inspired dance style class which combines high energy moves and dance combinations. You will be guided through a series of dance steps such as salsa, meringue, and reggae while incorporating exercises such as squats, and knee lifts.  You’ll have so much fun doing Zumba, you won’t even realize you’re working out! Tara McFillin

Newtown Campus/$79 /RFTNS 8008 C01
8 Mon, 9/21-11/9, 6:30-7:30 pm

Hatha Yoga and Meditation

Align your mind and body with Hatha yoga and meditation.  Each class will begin with Hatha yoga, a series of movements (asanas) and breathing techniques (pranayamas), and finish with meditation to allow your mind and body to be fully relaxed.  Please bring a yoga mat and wear comfortable clothing.  Ad-ditional materials are welcomed including blankets, towels, straps and blocks.  Amy Marie Glasgow

Newtown Campus/ $79/ RFTNS 0131/ C01
6 Tu, 10/20-11/24 4:30-6:00 pm

Physical Conditioning Theory: Fact from Fiction  NEW

This class will focus on an in-depth analysis of the process of physical conditioning and the products of improved fitness and application to activities of daily living. We will take a broad-based approach to analyzing these concepts and include information for all segments of society, and cover information that may be used in the conditioning of the average person or an elite athlete. Our first step will be to take a brief look at where our society is in terms of fitness, health, and participation in physical activity. We will then analyze the benefits (physically, emotionally, and economically) brought about by being regularly active. This will be followed by an analysis of how the body responds and adapts to physical stress. Paul J. Miniter 

Newtown Campus/ $139 (plus $12 book fee)/RFTNS 8009 C01
6 Sat, 9/19-10/24, 9-11:30 am

Introduction to Kundalini Yoga          NEW

Have you wondered what Kundalini Yoga is all about? Come learn the basics of the Yoga of Awareness: mindful meditation, pranayama (breathing), mantras (laya yoga, or the yoga of sound) and physical asanas (50% asanas, 50% chanting/meditation). Kundalini Yoga is a technology that helps you be the best that you can be through tapping into your inner self. Consistent practice of Kundalini yoga can improve function of all bodily systems, heighten sensory awareness and creativity, give beauty and strength, eliminate negative habitual patterns, enhance intuition, and bring a heightened spiritual sense.  Discover your true self with Kundalini Yoga (as taught by Yogi Bhajan, Ph.D.) All levels welcome.
Priscilla Estes, RYT, IKYTA

Newtown Campus/ $79/ RFTNS 0133 C01
6 Tu, 9/8-10/13, 5:45-7:15 pm

Yoga For Healing Addictive Behavior

Change habitual patterns of behavior with Kundalini Yoga and Meditations that help release blocks, fears, and generational imprinting.  Balance the brain to change the cycle of addictive impulses, conquer self-defeating mental attitudes and pave the way to self-love. Handouts include home practice suggestions and nutritional remedies to rebuild systems that have been compromised by addictions, such as drugs, alcohol, food, smoking, depression, codependency, gam-bling, electronics, work and so on. Techniques are from Yogic Science for Transformation through SuperHealth® Technology. (Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, Ph.D.) Priscilla Estes, RYT, IKYTA

Newtown Campus/ $69/ RFTNS 0065 C01
4 Tu, 10/27-11/17, 5:30-7:00 pm

Tai-Chi Chuan

The study of Tai-Chi is a beautiful way to relieve stress, and has been proven to promote a healthy mind and body. Learn the first 20 movements of the Yang Short Form, along with warm-up exercises that can be practiced anytime, anywhere.  David Briggs, A.A.  

Newtown Campus/ $79/ RFTNS 0512 C01
8 Tu, 9/8-10/27, 7:15-8:15 pm

Ba Gua Zhang    NEW

Ba Gua Zhang is a Chinese martial art of the internal school like Tai Chi. Unique posture are incorporated into rhythmic circle walking to induce meditative breathing and awaken the internal energy (Chi Kung). It draws inspiration from the eight gua of the I-Ching Ba gua is said to teach one how to walk like a tiger/soar like a hawk/and coil like a dragon. David Briggs, A.A.

Newtown Campus/ $79/ RFTNS 0149 C01
8 Tu, 11/3-12/22, 7:15-8:15pm

Tribal Style Bellydance, Level 1

Lower Bucks Campus

This is a fun and challenging dance form that is joyous, empowering and builds community & camaraderie. Culled from the folk dances of North Africa, the Middle East, India, and the Mediterranean; Tribal Style Bellydance is an unique fusion of ancient dance forms. Women of the ‘Tribe’ learn a set vocabulary of moves, and performance is presented in an improvised lead-and-follow format. Together they weave a beautiful tapestry of dance that mesmerizes audiences. This dance is for women and by women regardless of age, shape or size. We dance for ourselves and each other, celebrating our own uniqueness and beauty with every step. No dance experience is required. Please wear comfortable, form fitting clothing such as yoga pants and a tank top. Jennifer A. Parilo, BSN, RN

Lower Bucks Campus/$99 /RFTNS 6047 C50
12 Wed, 9/2-11/18, 6:45-7:45 pm

Tribal Style Bellydance, Level II

Tribal Style Bellydance Level II will focus on refining the cues and transitions, expanding dance vocabulary, honing bellydance technique, and playing finger cymbals (zills). Tribal Bellydance Level I is a prerequisite. Finger Cymbals will be required for Level II. Jennifer A. Parilo, BSN, RN

Lower Bucks Campus/$99 /RFTNS 6049 C50
12 Wed, 9/2-11/18, 8-9 pm

Texas Two Step

Learn THE TEXAS TWO STEP, a very fast traveling circle dance, popular with dancers who enjoy country music. The steps are not much different from an ordinary walking step, it is easy to learn and a blast to perform. Couples and singles are welcomed.  Margaret Menhardt

Newtown Campus/ $55 per person, $95 per couple/ RFTNS 6048 C01
3 Thu, 11/5-11/19 7-8 pm

Basic to Intermediate Latin Club CHA-CHA and Salsa                

Don’t miss the BASIC to INTERMEDIATE Latin Club Dance Class.  This sensual CHA_CHA and the sizzling, energetic SALSA will be presented, to get YOU ready for your HOLIDAY PARTIES.  Even the Basic Patterns are fun to perform.  Couples and singles are welcomed.  Margaret Menhardt

Newtown Campus/ $55 per person, $95 per couple/ RFTNS 6056 C01/
5 Thu, 10/1-10/29, 7-8 pm

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